Monday, February 25, 2013


Roberta Alstadt is paid handsomely to lie to the public
TriMet Spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt sent KOIN the following statement Monday afternoon:

"As part of an ongoing campaign to discredit TriMet, the ATU alleged that the MAX system is unsafe. These allegations questioning the safety of the MAX system are absolutely false.  (would you expect a overpaid Trimet crony to tell the truth)
"The allegations are meant to deflect attention from contract negotiations. (hilarious)

"TriMet has repeatedly asked the ATU leadership to come to the table to negotiate excessive healthcare costs
(more lies which has nothing to do with the max safety issue) and other contract loopholes (how bout the loopholes in your brain) They have refused to do so.

"TriMet's dedicated safety team and union mechanics, operators, controllers and field staff work every day to insure the system -- both bus and MAX -- is safe for TM riders and their fellow employees."
(freaking hilarious, spend an afternoon sometime listening to the TRIMET SCANNER and see for yourself just how safe and desireable riding Trimet is these days)

TriMet fires back after union alleges safety problems with MAX system trains - KOIN Local 6 News


punkrawker4783 said...

If I am not mistaken, She just declared War.

Employees bring up Safety issues, TriMet tries to dodge them. Because the MAX door incident was staged by employees.....doubtful.

Get OSHA involved!

Al M said...

She's just another Trimet whore, get paid to do what her masters tell her to do.
Sells herself for money

Unknown said...

Now you are talking Punk (no pun intended), I have been saying this for the better part of 2 years and had been ignored, these are serious work related issues that gets ignored if it does not effect service, although these and other work conditions exits, that may harm workers.

Erik H. said...

What the ATU needs to do, and the drivers, and the mechanics, is to "work to rule".

Don't know what that means? Everywhere, we all know that there are little rules, generally insignificant or minor, that we all bend to get the job done. 99.9% of the time, doing this causes no harm or foul... Maybe we let the bus out of the garage with a minor defect, because it's better to let it go than to have to miss a trip.

Drivers - maybe you push through that yellow light to save a minute; make that double-lane change...

No more. Work to rule. Do the job TO THE RULE. If a bus has a defect, it is out of service - no minor how little. Yellow light? STOP. Sure, you'll be 15 minutes late by the time you get to the end of your run. Then you take your full break that you are entitled to.

When TriMet questions it, then there will be ready ammunition for safety - the ATU will be able to point out specific safety issues. Those 1400s, and the rear door covers that don't stay closed and secured? I've almost hit my head on a couple of those and they are sharp - TriMet doesn't need a rider getting a gash to the head, do they? Or how about a loose stanchion? Grab on to one during a hard stop - you have some serious injuries. Emergency window hatch won't secure properly? Did we not all watch the story of the 15 year old girl riding in a Portland limobus who fell out because the window wasn't secure - and got run over by the rear wheels of the bus and died?

Time to WORK TO RULE. And let TriMet's management spin all of the safety failures that will get written up each and every day.

punkrawker4783 said...

Erik, reminder, as a (now full time) bus driver myself, I serve my riders. "Working to the rule" in the fashion you describe will hurt my riders. As a bus rider as well, I depend on this. It will not effect management in any way. I dont come in to work from Metros GM, I come in to work for those that board my bus, and they should not suffer because management is out of touch.

Its easy to be a safe driver while serving the needs of my riders. Al knew who he worked for, and it was his riders. You must find ways to actually get to management without taking it out on the riders who depend on you.

You work in Customer Service right? So if you and 5 others take a break, theres still 50 calls in the queue, and that lengthens wait times, shortens fuses. Get Me?

I get that TriMet sucks, and management has no pride in their system, but the riders have places to go, they are already suffering as it is.