Sunday, February 24, 2013

Supervisory reports

1 bus was used for express to Airport to ensure people did not miss their flights.
Trains did not wait for busses so passengers off of busses were left waiting for the next train.

Things went well for the most part.  It would have helped if we could have coordinated trains and busses.  For a one hour bus bridge it probably would not have been worth the effort.  Having the express busses to the Airport helped out a lot.
     1st & Yamhill – Lauren     RQTC – Pamela     7th Ave – Stephanie     Sunset – Beth
     Lloyd – Julie & Billy

·     Lloyd-RQ Patrol went smoothly, from what I observed. When Inspectors/Supervisors were present at the Lloyd platforms, it prompted customers to buy fares who I think would not have otherwise.
·      At least 50 people chose to walk from Lloyd to RQTC. 
·     Nearly two dozen customers (from Lloyd & 7th Ave) were unaware that the Free Rail Zone had ended; a few grumbled about the price of the fares.
·     Pamela (at RQ) received reports from customers about the Validators not working at Gateway or in the 1st Ave corridor from Oak to Old Town. 

     EB Platform – Beth (PA) & Pamela     Booth on WB Platform – Julie & Billy
     IRQ – Lauren & Stephanie (w/ G4S Security Officer)

·     Small numbers of Blazer fans came out between 9:05p and when the game ended at 9:33p. Most of the crowd came out right after that, so the majority of Green Line customers heading to Clackamas had to wait until 10:10 for their train.
·     MAX service met all other customer needs without any lengthy wait times. 
·     Customers seemed pleasant and appreciative of our service, and things were very manageable.
Unfortunately, it appears that duty assignments must be decided upon and in place before staff are put in place. Not all of us can “always play well with others”.  Assignments were distributed by the lead and then one of the supervisors had decided that they were supposed to be in this particular place (which was the wrong place to begin with, wrong side of platform to receive signals).  This caused confusion on site and over the radio, causing the controller to chastise/correct me over the air for a mistake I didn’t cause.

The FIRST train involved had loaded only a portion of the passengers on the platform and closed it’s doors (it is unclear if by the direction of the “new” EB supervisor or not), and subsequently selected their signal.  I was assigned BY THE LEAD to the tail end of the EB train to ensure the train was loaded to it’s best capacity, then signal the EB head supervisor to roll the train.  This train was not anywhere near ready to roll with the load it had.  This train had selected it’s signal (by the supervisor?) and by me asking it to reopen it’s doors it missed it’s signal and had to reselect.

 Fortunately, there was a green line coming behind it (that we didn’t know about until I was chastised/”corrected” by the controller) so they were available to pick up some more of the remaining load.  There were two to three more trains loaded in a similar fashion, partially loaded without a train immediately behind them, then “cleared to roll” while swarms of passengers were still approaching the platform.  One of the Bus Supervisors on scene asked me why the trains were leaving half empty and I couldn’t provide an answer.

There was no teamwork involved.  It felt like “I’m in charge, I’ve got it.”  So I did the best I could, the supervisor “took charge” and I worked my post.

This was not a good situation but fortunately we didn’t have barricades set up and people in huge crowds or it could have made it worse.
·     Light activity particularly at Galleria and Gateway
·     Some season ticket holders expected their Timbers’ tickets to serve as TriMet passes
·     Sunset was busy but smooth
·     Lloyd Center
°     TVMs on WB platform were intermittently out of order.
°     Most customers knew about the end of FRZ; some customers for other non-Timbers events. A cooperative crowd overall.

Post-Event at RQTC:
·     No formal hardening or inspecting; CS focused on staffing near the TVMs.
·     G4S focused on pedestrian safety. CS kept mostly together and nearer to other TriMet staff/supervisor presence for safety.
·     Platforms cleared quickly and efficiently
·     Customers appreciated help with pathfinding
Dry, clear and fairly warm night. 

·     Light activity and pretty quiet for a Friday night.
·     Lloyd Center
°     TVMs on WB platform were not processing card transactions very well, off and on.  A FareTech was onsite during part of our shift.
°     About 10 customers didn’t know that the Free Rail Zone had ended.  A few chose to walk to RQ. 

Post-Event at RQTC:
·     Supervisor R J was onsite but didn’t need to assist us on the platforms.
·     Most Winterhawks fans came out around 9:25p, followed very soon thereafter by the Bull Riders fans.
·     Transit Trackers on the EB platform had inaccurate MAX information listed, which was confusing to a number of customers.  We reported the problem to Control.
·     There were several dozen new/infrequent riders who needed direction and service information, but not as many who needed help with fares. 
·     Had 1 G4S officer each for EB & WB platform oversight, but none for intersection staffing to manage pedestrian safety, which turned out to be okay.
·     Billy got some experience doing his first PA announcements.  Bravo!

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