Sunday, February 3, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Riding bus 1626. Yes, the bus that leaked exhaust. Already have the taste in my mouth

The trimet guy let us go on the bus w/o trimet passes cause we play Rugby!

Is this guy serious? Really? "Chillaxin on the MAX?" Does Trimet know what you're doing on their trains?

I fucking HATE Trimet wtffffff


I didn't get kicked off trimet chill.

Daaayyyumn Trimet, you slow af.

Why is a passenger telling their social, name and address over the phone while on a packed bus???

On a line 21 this morning, driver is awesome

. Can we get a trash can for our stop?

Totally just saw a city bus run a red light cc/

Got 8 hours community service! Thank you trimet police you fat fuck.

This guy is snoring while he's awake.

fuck trimet.

Well, I'll keep them around as long as they don't start smelling like trimet. 😷

Homeless Black titties floppin around like a fish out of water.

Hey bus driver for 2005 that ran the red light and got stuck in the intersection. You're a jerk.

Its 9:14pm and we are are Sandy and 57th. We were SCHEDULED to be at Parkrose TC NOW. Again, fucks and lies to its riders

can a bus go 58 blocks in 6 minutes on Sandy Blvd? Very doubtful. So you have again fucked your riders over.

Why does riding the bus always smell like sour takeout and body odor?

This driver on the 14 hates her job. Has blown past two stops with riders and races with cars so they can't merge into her lane.

That sounds like "driver if the year" material. Trimet only hires the most sociopathic.

I fuckin hate looking at tweakers. Nasty and they're always on trimet

They shouldn't let drunk people in trimet

Fuck you, bus. I just want to go home.

Ugh just missed my bus and now I have a twenty minute wait. Thanks Trimet.

Gotta love driving on ghetto 82nd and seeing ghetto girls giggin on the side of the road waiting for trimet. OHGURL

I Literally have spent like 100 dollars on Trimet fare this month.

nigga trimet ain't dominoes

Wtf goin on wid trimet. Fucc happened to 15mins or better.

I was shoved this morning on an overcrowded #72 bus by a man who smelled of alcohol. Very scary.

The streetcar service is always irregular and unreliable! I'm beginning to think the dollar it costs to ride isn't worth it!!!

Screw you . I'm switching to

If I miss this bus the next one is 40 minutes behind. It's not like I'm riding the 4 or anything, except OH YEAH IT IS.

so what your saying is, you dont care about your customers....

It's 35 minutes on the train, about 5 minutes walking.

I love all trimet employees,but fuq this busdriver

am I public Transpo is a favoriet spot to attack me w/ full participation of employee 

Hey, bus 19 (1943) bobbing and weaving along. Says stop signal broken. Missing stops. Yelling at passengers. C'mon.

perfect start to the weekend= slow westbound trains for rush hour.

Seriously. Fuck this girl and her farting on the . We're in a moving box... STOP! Clench like the gods till you get off.

Multiple ever receding 75s. Ugh.

And the first one is drop off only? WTF ?

Why do Trimet buses have to run on crack on the weekends! I wanna be home alreadyy.

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