Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Fuck trimet! It said i missed it and its just gonna go right on by. I swear! Real time my ass cheeks!

whole 24 hrs after. Still not fixed. Nice to see you are on top of things and still charging $100 for monthly passes.

Community service. Fuck you trimet!

Running for trimet and missing it is soo embarrassing

Somehow every 14 bus today running 10 minutes late, and packed.

fuck trimet fuck today fuck everything

Running after trimet in work boots and bad knees is no fun.

Somehow every 14 bus today running 10 minutes late, and packed.

Why does 14 bus driver insist on packing passengers in like sardines when he tells everyone there's another bus behind?

Heading to court this AM. Fuuuuuuuuu TriMet

It's ! Where two empty buses follow each other, boarding no one, so 15 min later the next bus is so packed people get left behind.

Dear fellow riders, please refrain from marinating in your perfumes and colognes before riding. Thank you.

Deranged woman boarding the #75 loudly proclaimed, "I DON'T HAVE ANY BUS FARE. MY MOM IS PENNY AND SHE WORKS FOR TRIMET."

so I paid $7.50 for a two hour ticket...

I tried two machines that said they don't accept my card but looking at my banking app it said it charged me for both transactions

guess trimet drivers aren't allowed family emergency calls.

Once again thanking for making me miss a transfer and thus, late for an appointment.

Opened the window on bus 1826 and now it's stuck open. Fuck

Luckily I'm off in 30min but it takes over an hour to get home from work on (that is if the Green line doesn't break down)

Bus Stop W's screen is broken. Says something about needing to reboot.

I hate Trimet

my commuter check card was charged for a ticket that did not print at Tuality and 8th in Hillsboro #161. Solution?

Fuuuuuuuck Trimet for lying! I'm supposed to be on the blue line right now 😑

Fucking trimet >:/

No but I really be feeling like that on trimet

Pressure washing Pioneer Square. They roped off the ticket machine. Makes sense.

Your cotton candy perfume or whatever the fuck you're wearing doesn't cover up your ashtray smell. trash on

trimet is listing my bus route from here to there as over an hour with service disruptions so my appearance is unlikely :\

On the 5th day of trial and error I finally figured out the most efficient route to and from work. Not that is in any way efficient

Well now, we're headed home on train 69. Even if it is late, there won't be any baby makin..haha

Omfg. Stupid trimet security gets on the bus now.

Wow, people really DO go from the back of the bus, past the back door, to exit out the front. I thought that was an asshole myth.

Trimet forever smells musty!

Things learned on the MAX: When you insert "bitch, shit, fuck man" between every word spoken, a sim... (at ) —

So troll, Trimet trolls so hard.

My preferred bus just passed me. Trimet, please, stop with this witchcraft and trickery.

Trimet tricked me into thinking I could make my transfer, but it was at a good cost. I got to chat with , it was very nice c

Ur employee was not involved in the accident, just the only witness. Wld love to hear from him. SE 7th & Hawthorne on 2/7 ~8:30 PM.

I missed a 70, 14, AND a 10! This is NOT the day to have piss me off

how can i be cheer on the nasty trimet bus? ew i feel so contaminated and dirty on here and it stinks :(

Trimet missed a gold mine when they didn't think of upholstering the new buses in red vinyl skinny jeans with sequins.

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