Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
this train isn't moving so the next train can't pull in. What is the fucking problem? Fire your entire ops team.

First time a Trimet cop has ever asked to see my ticket on MAX

thanks to the #15 driver crossing the river at 19:28 for the history lesson on the Morrison Bridge.

Trimet can suck my fucking dick.

I spend so much on TriMet there's no way I could save up for a car lol

and of course the 76 is late again to the stop. I'm only 3 stops away from the layover

Injuries from running after a bus that decided it didn't feel like stopping for me. has been horrible lately.

Only while you're riding the bus you see people trying to fight each other for nonsense reasons

Another of those days on which makes me really miss my car

God Bless self-centered idiots who think others


my mom believes trimet is dangerous

On every manual known to man public transit announce layover but not on it's on domestic soil govt rule 5mins

Trimet you're slow as fuck.

This is literally why no one fucking respects TriMet drivers. Most of them are fucking dicks.

Is 76 EVER on time?

operator 7704 (driving bus 2632) likes to think she's a fare inspector and check for id on everyone.

This 11:30 bus better come in the next few minutes or I'm raging all over

never have I seen someone with a dog get kicked off. Never

why is the number 9 taking so long? You should dispatch another one.

Trimet's always an experience.

What is going on with Trimet?

It's cool you're checkin fares but do you have to be rude!?

Ugh. Of all days for trimet to be late today was not the right one

I Fucking hate having to push trimet. for a car..

Thanks Trimet. I really didn't want to catch that bus I was running after.  

your service has really only gotten worse lately. Stacked busses. A schedule that is obviously not kept or enforced.

The bus drivers for are so nice! They wave at you, when they pass you at a stop and everything!

19 Woodstock does not slow to 20 for school zone Milwaukie near Tolman. :O

It's one thing to drive away from an adult who misses the bus. But to WAVE at KIDS who got there just as you close your doors? Mean.

Someone smells like they dumped a bottle of cologne on themselves. Good morning

I tried to buy a max ticket but the ticket machine at the Lombard TC towards city center for the yellow line isn't taking cards.

I think I’m going through withdrawal. I swear the MAX driver just morphed into a Bauerschwein and back.

I hate the new Trimet buses with a passion.

graffiti on the bus shelter at sw salmon & 16th in front of lincoln

bus driver just closed the doors on me at Beaverton tc. I was on time. #78. Just gotten off the max. What gives?!

TVM 700 at NW 5th & Glisan wouldn’t accept any swiped credit cards (no error msg, just didn’t seem to see it), had to use tap card.

Today the bus smells of Cajun spices, marijuana and unwashed fat rolls.

People who say all people are created equal obviously haven't used Portland's public transportation.

O you worked at trimet for 11 years? Wow. Your life is pointless
Hey that 16 REAL reliable. Late for work and the 13:30 never showed keep up the bang up job there

Really ? You time the MAX to roll into Parkrose the SAME time the 21 leave? What has your scheduling department been smoking?

When I get on TriMet, smokers are like 'who's this chocolatey, sunshine smelling muthafugga?'

Fuck the trimet police. Bunch of fat dumb fucks. You aren't even actual police .

So much Traffic & trimet fails today

Whoo! It smells like someone was hanging out with Mary Jane on this train.

oh look! More delays! Guess that day of less riders threw off your service again.

Back on MAX car 222. It didn't have functional destination signs this morning. Guess what? It still doesn't.

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