Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
4:21, SW Main & 6th, driver of bus 14 shuts the door in my face & drives off as I knock on it.

Trimet fare inspector on board. Run! Just kidding.

Of course the bus was full and passed my stop. So much for getting breakfast before class

Why do Type 4 trains make the slowest announcements with weird pauses.

Trimet bus driver only made me pay a dollar. What a dope guy✌

Oh no my trimet date is back

: Line 54-young punk rock tough looking couple telling mom-on phone-how much they love & miss & can't wait to see her.

Lucky this transit cop is understanding. Fix your machines .

just saw a Tri-Met bus driver smoking next to the open door of his bus at Beaverton TC. Guess drivers are exempt from the Code :)

Just attacked on by device as if it would change the fact Rthejusticedept is obsessed fails

Wow, thanks MAX operator! First time I've had an operator reopen the doors after I bought my ticket.

Yup. Already know today isn't gonna be a good day either. Stupid Trimet.

Hey , thanks for having the 32 show up 15 minutes early so I missed it. BITCH ASSES.

I hate taking trimet to school. I'm so tired.

Pdx transit funny coincidence both trimet & ctran route 4's r kinda sketchy 2 ride after dark.

Trimet fucked up mine and the bestie's plans to hang out. Thanks Trimet!

Don't try to get on this . We're packed like sardines in a can. Salty attitudes and packed in on top of each other.

This lady next to me smells more like alcohol than actual alcohol smells like alcohol.

Just kicked a passerby in the knee while settling into my MAX seat. I am out of practice!

a maintenance worker just grabbed an autistic girl and yelled at her for picking up change on a seat. Bus #1839 at BTC. Fix this.

Twenty minutes wait at a shelterless stop because can't figure out how to send a couple extra 4s when the high schools let out.

Damm I hate Trimet.

hey trimet. Quick question.... When are you gonna stop using copy & paste replies on Twitter?

No, your purse doesn't need a seat more than I do.

Dude next to me on the bus is bleeding from the head.

Why is my bus driver announcing all the reader board specials into the mic as she drives by the shops and restaurants on Powell?

Trimet is a fucking joke

I think the driver of Line 77/04 is trying to win the cleanest bus award. She is ANAL about every rule in the book!

Riding in can be extremely dangerous at times because there is no security. I was a victim of violence last Saturday.

PJ's in public after age 5 is just plain wrong.

These new trimet buses smell like new football pads

Reader board @ 6 & Main is down yet again. Blame it on the crows?

Single Car Yellow at 5PM

what John learned today: never ride trimet around 5:00

I just saw a man doing a handstand by the in . What weird things you see on .

I was pinned to the wall by the madding crowd, & then more passengers were pinned to me. Scent of mcnuggets & impatience in the air.

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