Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Listen to this nonsense

This idiot currently in charge of Trimet is talking about 2023!
That takes nerve to talk about 10 years away, real nerve.
Totally lacks credibility-from the 'slide show' today

If our current contract offer is accepted or we prevail in arbitration and no other changes are made – we still face service cuts in FY2023.
(3, 3 year contract periods to adjust this more minor misalignment)
What you should forget is that this forecast DOES NOT include restoring or adding any new service – except for operating the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail service.
We would only make slight increases in bus service to solve reliability problems and peak overloads.
We must find financial stability if we are to grow our service.
We face a fundamental question – are we a health care organization or a transit provider.


railsignalman said...

I will answer the last question , they are neither a transit agency or health care provider. They are just another poorly run and managed public agency where management accepts no blame for poor business decisions and to create a diversion, they place all blame on the employees and turn the public against them in an expensive planned media dog and pony show. They are shameful and should resign now.

Henry Beasley said...

On the last question: Land devoloper, which cost money (more 100,000 employees)