Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oregonian editorial board at it again

Shift limits for bus drivers show compromise in TriMet negotiations is possible |


Henry Beasley said...

I like how the artical cites back 3.5 years ago, hmmmmm. That's when they drastically cut back on the schedules for passangers and ops. For the ops, break times have been lowered drastically, so for the "average" op is put in a situation where fatigue "is" the number 1 saftey hazard (how many times I have to repeat this over these 3.5 years), just ask Sandy Day. Plus this artical doesn't talk about the 5 minute rule!!!

Al M said...

The problem with Trimet and its main stream media stooges is they want the workers to sacrifice but everything else to stay the same.

Hell NO!

I hate to use arch conservative John Charles (rabid anti union) but he does give the clearest most articulate presentation of the real problems at Trimet, and its not just our health care benefits.

John Charles says "take some control" and stop taking on debt! - YouTube

If they want us to take a hit other things at Trimet need to take a hit, besides the poor riders service getting cut that is.

Henry Beasley said...

When are the general public understand the company is no longer a transit agency but a land developer???