Saturday, February 16, 2013

supervisory reports

· “Lloyd Patrol” fare inspection on pre-event; no formal inspection on post-event.

· CS staffed Lloyd (2), NE 7th (1), Yamhill District (1) RQ (2)
· Ridership was higher than usual and fare sales reflected that
o Customers were traveling to four events: Bible Study Fellowship dinner at Convention Center (18:30 start) and Blazers & Winterhawks (19:00 start) and Seafood/Wine event at Convention Center.
· Blazer game was a capacity crowd (that hasn’t been the norm recently), likely result of Fred Meyer “Family Fun” promotion with reduced ticket/beverage package
· Winterhawks had a near sellout (9,079 vs. the expected 4,000)
· Bible Study Fellowship convention had 2,400+ attendees, some of whom rode chartered buses or walked from Lloyd Center. But at least 25% of the attendees rode MAX.
· Eastbound service in the CBD was delayed around 18:20-18:35 by train with door problem. Crowd at Yamhill District grew to close to 200 before service resumed.
· Lloyd and NE 7th were the busiest we’ve seen this year, and many of those customers had not been on TriMet since Free Rail Zone ended.
· Blazer game lasted 2:12. Some early departures, but most remained until the end
· Very busy post-event at RQ-Holladay, Interstate-RQ and Convention Center
· All of the events broke within a 10-20 minutes window (Blazers, then Bible Study, then Winterhawks)
· NB Yellow train # 60 held to accommodate departing fans. One extra service bus was then used to fill the ensuing 35 minute gap. It left with a full load, another bus would have been well used too.
· EB RQ-Holladay service generally went well, and that platform didn’t become overly full.
· WB RQ-Holladay was the most challenging. Except for the one Extra Service train which arrived empty, other WB trains arrived with little capacity due to the large number of Bible Study Fellowship customers who boarded at Convention Center.
o Bible Study event had approx. 350-400 westbound customers (and 50-100 eastbound)
o RQ Supervisors tried to secure extra service buses to relieve RQ-Holladay crowding (the Yellow Line bus came back and did an express trip to Sunset).
o TPD was requested to help with some acting out on WB platform during the most crowded time.
o WB train 25 had door problem (likely due to overcrowding) and was delayed leaving.
§ Next two WB trains had Willow as destination. Supervisor asked first one to go to Hillsboro and operator agreed
o 80-100 RQ westbound customers walked up to Convention Center to board during the most crowded period
o One more westbound extra service train would have made a positive difference.
o Fortunately, most customers remained patient (and we thanked them for doing so).

·     “RQ-Holladay platform hardening” fare inspection approach
·     Slight decline in number arriving without tickets: 133, was 154 previous game
o     Lloyd had more than usual who did know Free Zone ended
o     Had about 15-20 Europeans coming from downtown (to see Dallas star Dirk Nowitzki) without fare\
o     At least a dozen customers who said they were unable to buy or validate theirtickets at Old Town
·     Pre-game ridership appeared to be less than Saturday night’s LA Clippers game
·     Game lasted 2:30, about 15 minutes longer than most.
·     Blazers made dramatic comeback, keeping virtually all customers inside the arena until the final buzzer.
·     Crowd headed towards platform as a WB Hatfield and and EB Green arrived. Supervisors held those to allow customers time to board.
·     Unlike Saturday’s game, we did have the Westbound extra train and it made for a smooth clearing of the platform
·     Eastbound service was also good. The only customers who had waits of more than 10 minutes were those who needed the Red and Green
·     Yellow Line service also went well
o     About 20 mins before the game ended there was a fight on the IRQ platform. Train operator did an excellent job reporting the details; supervisors and police arrived quickly. Several arrests were made. Order was restored before Blazer fans exited the arena.

· RQ-Holladay platform hardening fare inspection approach
· Lloyd was very busy, sales included customers heading to the Auto Show at Convention Center
o TVMs there had intermittent issues with card transactions
· We had an increase in the number of customers arriving at RQ without fare (154)
o Prior recent games were in the 80-120 range
o Sizable portion of the people coming from downtown without fare were visitors who were unaware that the Free Zone has ended
· Police activity on the pre (fight on eastbound train that was called in quickly by inspection staff). One person arrested.
· Game lasted 2:13.
· High percentage remained inside as game wasn’t decided to final seconds
· No Westbound extra service train (we knew that early in the evening and supervisor made provision for some standby buses)
o Westbound platform was very full. First post-event train didn’t arrive for about 8-10 minutes, so crowd built up quickly. Absence of the extra was noticeable.
o After three trains we offered the Sunset bus (10 minutes until next train). We only had about 15 people opt to take the bus.
o Eventually a Willow train with a Hatfield close behind cleared the platform.
o Most customers remained patient, although it take some coaxing to get people to move away from edge of the platform.
· Northbound Yellow Line # 60 (due at 21:24) arrived as game had a few seconds remaining. Supervisor held it a few minutes and we were able to get a few dozen on board. Then extra service bus was sent to platform and left with a full standing load (50-60 people). When bus departed remaining customers had 17 minute wait.
· Eastbound service was relatively easy. We have a large number of former Lloyd customers who now walk, and we’re seeing that reflected in the available capacity on eastbound trains.

Deployed signs at the following locations by 4:45pm:
Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave NE 7th Ave Convention Center
Albina/Mississippi Old Town/Chinatown Oak/SW 1st Ave Yamhill District
Began removing signs at 7:15pm with all removed by 8pm at locations except:
Oak/SW 1st Ave. These signs appear to have been moved or stolen. If anyone knows their
whereabouts, please let IDP know.

Lloyd – Stephanie/Pamela 7th Ave – Lauren 1st & Yamhill – Billy RQ (Booth in Plaza) – Beth
RQ (EB Platform) – Julie
· Instead of IRQ platform hardening, Annie had inspectors ride trains between Lloyd and downtown, mainly due to the damp, chilly weather. I then chose to redeploy Billy from Albina/Mississippi to 1st & Yamhill.
· Seemed to be more people prepared to buy fares, and fewer walking from Lloyd/7th.
· TVMs were working at the locations we staffed.
· Pedestrian/ bicyclist safety was managed well at RQ intersection by G4S and Rail Supervisor.

Post-Event at RQTC: (Lauren had post-event off)
Booth on WB Platform - Stephanie/Pamela EB Platform – Julie (PA)/Billy IRQ – Beth
· Some Blazer fans left before the game ended. The Blazers beat Indiana by 20 points.
· No platform hardening, but Beth had 3 code enforcers with her at IRQ (on the NB platform), and all were kept hopping there. It would’ve been good to have 1-2 for the SB platform also.
· MAX service met customer needs, and the WB extra service train was well timed at RQ.
· Transit Police and G4S Security presence kept things safe & orderly.
· Overall, pretty light activity and very manageable night.

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