Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trimet violates Lane Jensens civil rights

(NOTE: The driver in this altercation states that the union requested Lane follow and post drivers/managers addresses-the union never requested that Lane do that. The driver spoke incorrectly)

This bus driver decided that he was not going to allow Lane to ride his bus based on rumors. It's a clear violation of Lane's civil rights and listen how the dispatcher leads the driver into the 'safety' nonsense.
Lane had done nothing to instigate this situation.
They better be happy that Lane has no money because if he did Trimet would have a civil rights case to defend, among all the other illegal stuff that goes on there.
The driver doesn't like Lane so he decided he had authority to violate Lanes civil rights by denying him boarding on a public bus. The operator also refused to follow police instructions, he should be immediately suspended for that

Lane Jensen


Al M said...

And don't start whining to me about 'union solidarity'.
I feel no solidarity nor sympathy for the kind of operator who makes unilateral decisions violating peoples civil rights.
As far as I am concerned the driver should be fired.
This is how he treats people he 'doesn't like'? He just decides they can't ride his 'public' bus!

I understand he marked off for the rest of the day. Standard tactics when attempting to manufacture an 'incident' and trying to push the blame on the real victim. Play victim yourself. (something Ellen Fox has used successfully throughout here entire career at trimet)

What you see here is a clear conspiracy between two trimet officials to deny the civil rights of Lane Jensen.

First the operator announces to the dispatcher "that he is not going to ride """"my""" bus, making clear explanation that he 'does not Like' Lane Jensen's off the bus behavior, then the dispatcher concocts a phony safety concern.

This whole charade forced Lane to wait for 45 minutes for the next bus.

It's a serious breach of public trust and illustrates just how far out of control some Trimet operators really are.

Flatpicker John said...

I am not going to say what they did was right. On the other hand this is exactly what Lane wants. If you keep poking and being a pest, this is happens. Lane is no victim here either, I am sure in his mind he views this as a victory.

Al M said...

He's not driving a public bus John.
How many riders have you taken on your bus that you personally didn't like?
This guy whoever he is crossed the line by refusing access to a public bus because he 'doesn't like what Lane is doing".

Ya Lane can be an obnoxious pest, and will publicly bust operators for violating rules, that's just too bad for operators.

They don't get to make those decisions.

Al M said...

And Trimet wonders why there is so much animosity between the police and Trimet.
Driver's waste the police time by requesting them for this nonsense.

Then the next driver 'wants him checked out'.

There is a conspiracy at Trimet to deny Lane Jensen of his civil rights

Unknown said...

Crazy like this is exactly why I have not been on a fixed route bus since late 2010. In many cases, drivers can not properly secure wheel/power chairs due to improperly maintained securements. In other cases, drivers REFUSE to secure chairs properly. In all fairness though, MOST drivers DO their best, and get frustrated when they can't do their job properly.

Erik H. said...

Lane is mentally ill and a danger to others with his behavior

Congratulations. If Lane is truly mentally ill, then TriMet is required per the Americans with Disabilities Act to accomodate him.

Being mentally ill does not deprive one of any rights or privileges guaranteed under the U.S. Constituation and various federal, state and local laws. Nor is there any evidence that suggests that Lane's behavior is a threat to anyone's personal safety or that of the safe operation of a bus. The Operator who blew the two stop signs at Gresham was not forced to because of Lane's presence on a public sidewalk doing nothing but standing holding up a camera.

As Al said, he's probably obnoxious - heck most of us are. But 99.9999999% of the times we're just blogging about it, talking about it, taking photos and video - almost never, do the actions of any of us here actually cross the lane. (With the exception of one particular contributor to this blog who was videotaped harassing a driver to the point she told him to either get on the bus and shut off, or get off the bus because she had a job to do.) Having vocal opinions does not constitute "mental illness", and we have learened from 100 years of history if not longer of governments abusing their power to lock up "undesirables" simply because of their opinions.

It was not too long ago that Oregonians accused of "mental illness" could be locked up with virtually no due process, shooed-away in the Oregon State Hospital and subjected to such treatments as insulin shock therapy, electroconvulsive shock therapy (which is actually still being performed today!) and even frontal-lobe lobotomies (usually leaving the person so incredibly brain damaged afterwards they could barely function as human beings). Thank God we've moved past that for the most part...but there are still a handful of people out there who want to play the "mental illness" card in an attempt to discredit those who have differing opinions.

As a TriMet bus Operator - your job is to drive the bus safely. If you are so overwhelmingly occupied by a person because of a personal vendetta, you clearly ought to mark off that day. But once you sit in that seat, you have a powerful responsibility to safely operate that bus while serving the public. Unless that person is a clear and immediate threat, your job is not to deny service because of a power trip.

Al M said...

Sorry but personal attacks are not allowed.
Stick to the issues not the people.

Al M said...

And Erik hits the nail on the head, as usual.
A bus drivers job is to drive the bus, stay out of peoples business, and treat all riders with respect and dignity.

Too many people driving buses at Trimet just don't subscribe to that point of view

Henry Beasley said...
Remember this?? No driver wants to be this idiot. Thus this situation.

Al M said...

I heard Lane was on Henry's bus yesterday.

Henry acted like a professional and Lane had a nice chat with him.

I've always said, THERE ARE THE GOOD BUS DRIVERS AND THERE ARE THE BAD BUS DRIVERS-there is nothing in between

Henry Beasley said...

Who me?

Al M said...

Ya you!

John St. Clair said...

Dispatch did nothing wrong although it does sound as though they led the driver though this exchange. But they do that many times when a driver is under duress. If Lane were on my bus I he and I would have a much different conversation and hopefully a lot less drama. :)