Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Did you know that the wages for a Trimet driver topped out at about $17/hr 30 years ago.
Today it's a little over $26  an hour.
That's a 35% increase, all due to cost of living raises, Trimet union employees have not had an actual raise in 30 years.

At the same time 30 years ago the General Managers salary topped out at $103,000.

Fred's salary was close to $300k, Mcfarlane is pulling down $220k.

Using Mcfarlanes salary as the basis that is a rise that's an crease of 120%.

Executive wages have increased by an absurd rate, yet the union is the problem.


punkrawker4783 said...

Metros GM made $182k in 2011. Doubt he made tons more in 2012.

Henry Beasley said...

Don't forget the total compensation, for said positions, alot more than listed there.