Monday, March 11, 2013

TriMet managers quietly gave themselves raises just before fare hike, agency says

Michael Anderson is the only truly independent transit reporter in Portland
These people in charge of Trimet now have absolutely no ethics. They are despicable.
And notice how no major major media has reported this.
Once again Michael Anderson proves he is the only truly independent transit journalist in Portland.

Portland A-Foot


punkrawker4783 said...

Here's my post over on the Facebook article: They were afraid to lose "talented" people? The agency is going downhill, and they give themselves a raise and consider themselves talented? I think now, they've done a good job showing the corruption in this agency! Most places, give you a raise after good performance points (rise in sales for example), this agency is gone backwards if anything, salary CUTS should have occurred. They need to find people who can actually run the transit system, not just build it out!!

Steve Fung said...

The photo in Mike's blog says it all.

Max said...

Look how well the retention bonuses for Steve Banta worked.