Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do you ever Watch Jana Toran?

I would imagine that most of those executives/board members are aware that not only do I watch those board meetings but I am also studying the characters at these meetings. (ya call me crazy, but I am a 100% product of Trimet culture, maybe the only one that takes the whole thing seriously)
One of my favorite characters to watch is Jana Toran. It appears to me that she has to work very hard to keep from laughing at things, she really starts losing it while citizens speak at the end of the meeting. I hardly ever pick on her, basically cause she hardly ever says anything. She is the 'token black' at the executive level.

Jana 'stop making me laugh' Toran


Unknown said...

Not the only one. I love that you are "reading" people like that. I am a huge believer in the behavioral sciences and non verbal communication/body language, energies, etc.. I use this method of observation significantly more often than more conventional means. I find it more accurate and informative.
Not crazy... aware and watchful.

your post and assessment of this woman's reactions makes me wonder what is being said behind the scenes about these pesky humans that must be allowed to participate...

Al M said...

Exactly Lara!