Friday, July 26, 2013


Why would I be worried? Because they are only talking to Trimet executives that's why. Lots of folks figured the fix was in immediately and one legislator voted no on this audit saying "not a thing will change as a result of this audit". I tend to agree with him.  There is so much dissatisfaction with Trimet that 'they' had to put on some kind of show for the 'serf's'.
Of course its still a huge slap in the face of Mcfarlane and his merry band of executive cronies since this happened on his watch. As much as they try to spin this it still shows the failure of the Mcfarlane administration to deal with perceived problems at Trimet. He and all his cronies will all get their fat pensions no mater what happens with this 'audit'. 

This week auditors with the Secretary of State’s office began work at TriMet. The team will focus on items identified in the audit legislation -- governance, operations, transparency and TriMet’s fiscal condition. Their process begins with a survey and planning phase to learn about the agency. Audit team members toured some of the TriMet facilities this week.  At each major step in the process, the audit team will meet with a TriMet core team to discuss their findings and ask for input. They will be working out of a conference room at Harrison Square for the next three to four months. (trimet)

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