Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Of course its 'delayed'

If Trimet is involved, you know there will be 'adjustments', like they do at board meetings when a contractor wants and extra 5 million or so. And now even the mobile ticket runs into 'complications"

The report raises questions about the future of near-field communications as a payment platform, in part because of Apple’s decision not to include NFC in the iPhone. For this reason, researchers expect to see growth in barcode-based ticketing in developed areas and the rise of applications using text-messaging in developing areas.
To date, only a few U.S. properties have adopted mobile payment options. In addition to TriMet (OR), discussed above, other early adopters include the Massachusetts Bay Transportation AuthorityNJ TRANSIT, and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (TX), and Amtrak.  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) also plans to introduce mobile ticketing for its commuter rail lines.


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