Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good ole CH2M HILL

Always found where government boondoggle money is there for the taking. Article HERE! 
Speaking of CH2M Hill you might remember this EXCELLENT ARTICLE


Unknown said...

"Yet on Wednesday, the TriMet board of directors unanimously approved a contract to develop the agency's own $30 million e-fare system fitting of what General Manager Neil McFarlane called "the digital age we live in." Still no mention of return to 15min service other than "eventually."

"Eventually, Tucker said, the new system should pay for its $30 million price tag by reducing fare evasion and lowering the high costs associated with ticket vending machines, cash purchases and collection processing." Fare evaision will always be part of the unknown, invisible problem that is only talked about in "theory."

Al M said...

Millions upon millions for everything but health care for employees and frequent service for riders.
It's obscene.

YoMama said...

Wow...this is the second Joe "since I don't know anything about traffic laws, I cover it with supposed humor" Rose TriMet related article I have read in the last two days that makes no mention of outrageous union Cadillac platinum benefits...dude must be slipping!