Wednesday, July 24, 2013


“I’m hugely disappointed. I thought I was a valuable employee,” he says.”I’ve given them 110 percent every day that I work.” (Dan Martin about Trimet)
While waiting on a bus platform in the Lents Neighborhood on 82nd Avenue and Powell Street with another female bus operator, he said he was approached by a frantic man screaming that he had just had a gun pointed at him. Martin directed the man to a nearby unmarked police car, but almost immediately a gun-wielding man came around the corner where Martin and the operator were standing.
Referring to that moment when the gun was brandished, Martin says with dread, “that gun only had a small barrel, but I tell you it felt like a cannon to me." In that instant he says his mind raced as he thought about his daughter and girlfriend, as well as the safety of the driver next to him who he said was “freaking out.”

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Unknown said...

"A spokesperson for TriMet Transit Police said because no person was physically harmed, and because there were conflicting stories about what actually happened, a crime wasn’t apparent or didn’t occur and the investigation ended." They are trained ops are not!!!!!

“Any sort of attack like this is disturbing to us,” says TriMet public relations officer Roberta Altstadt. “We take the safety of our drivers and riders very seriously.” How about "any" attack and they don't take op saftey seriously, look at the history after 09'!!!!

"TriMet’s director of safety and security Harry Saporta said, “Sometimes an operator will experience a rider who is upset, especially over paying a fare. The operators are trained how to assess the situation and avoid a confrontation. They’re instructed to request the assistance of a supervisor rather than have a situation escalate.” THIS IS THE BIGGEST GREY AREA IN THE SYSTEM, THEY DO NOT TRAIN ON THIS, PERIOD!!