Monday, July 29, 2013



. driver with the hat - I'm sure you know the guy - on eastbound blue was just insanely rude about me putting my bike on.
. I know I'm jokingly dramatic about trimet service on this account, but this was totally unreasonable
. turned out it was a MAX w/ no hooks, guy leaned out and stared me down and I said "do you want me to move to the front?"
. he sneers "maybe you should use the internet and look up what you're supposed to do with that fancy space age bike of yours"
. ..."cause I AIN'T GOT TIME TO TEACH YOU" and slammed the cabin shut.
. I pay to use this service, there is seriously no reason for your employees to treat riders like that.
. it was the eastbound blue line MAX, I.D.# 112, happened about 9:15.
. also I ride this line 5 nights a week and this driver shouts at people on the intercom to a degree that borders harrassment mos ...
....nights. Understand that when riders break rules he needs to stop them, but he draws it out and makes it a dramatic pissing co 
. ..."dramatic pissing contest."

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