Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tweets from this morning's TriMet board meeting

  1. board president Warner apologizing for Lane's outburst; says Swietzer on until replacement appointed
  2. 2 weeks be4 ticketing app expected to launch, board gets around to tweaking code to allow its use
  3. Joe Esmonde asking about new units in SW; multiplier for units to residents
  4. rep speaking; wants frequent service for dependant residents
  5. Joe Esmonde asking about new housing projects in the Lloyd District
  6. peak hour overcrowding on Lines 4 and 6
  7. more difficult to sell passes with service cuts
  8. SITMA wants more service to Rose Quarter to connect to Line 85, trying to increase subsidy program
  9. and @swanislandtma speaking, want restored service; Lenny Anderson at cabin
  10. wants more frequent service for seniors, more room on buses
  11. Westside Economic Alliance and @eldsrsinaction testifying
  12. Joe Esmonde waiting for call from , willing to go on bus rides
  13. "service should catered to us"; women fear for their safety
  14. Another rider has a long walk because Line 10 doesn't run on the weekends
  15. another rider needed bus frequency to get from 1st job to second
  16. Waiting for bus at night long away from home is stressful
  17. A Line 10 rider thinks $5 is not worth the sacrifice; has to walk home after service ends
  18. going first; rider had to wait a long time for Line 71, got passed up
  19. Senior board member wants 5 minute break
  20. Neil not under 30 and couldn't demonstrate features while taking, is now doing so
  21. allows requiring riders to activate app security measures
  22. Emergency ordinance regarding fare system; regarding mobile tickets
  23. board member : Idea: $100, plan to implement $1 million
  24. board president Warner says to explain to audience what a fare gate is
  25. board member Joe Esmonde asks for reason for new fare system
  26. this is an umbrella technical services contract
  27. paid for by reducing leakage in current system
  28. procurement/implementation in this phase; a big investment, $30 million
  29. electronic fare contact modification up
  30. to buy transmission repair parts
  31. board member Craig Prosser: strategic plan should be a living document; failure if it's put on a shelf
  32. Goals for transit in the region very aggressive
  33. aggressive, but doable schedule, president wants to be ready for retreat
  34. need comprehensive discussion to get to long term sustainability
  35. board member wishes answers were as easy as the questions, re: strategic plan
  36. September board briefing to be more of a work session; whole timeline of strategic plan work
  37. "Should payroll tax, revenue increases be used for service increases?"
  38. policies best addressed in terms of big picture
  39. need to restore service before growing it; many unknowns
  40. board to get update on Climate Smart Communities in August
  41. board members Prosser and Swietzer working on strategic plan
  42. board president Warner discussing earning public trust
  43. board member not here to give TPAC meeting
  44. board member T Allen Bethel on CAT; CAT will be touring and Bybee station
  45. board member Switzer on finance and audit committee meeting
  46. Peer review on safety; most agencies at or below
  47. Supporta has been looking into it, feels buses are safe
  48. board president Warner asked about bus blind spots, notes president in audience
  49. board member Joe Esmonde asking if there's a single safety person in the field
  50. has insisted on safety stand downs
  51. board member Joe Esmonde asking about subcontractor safety
  52. Harry Supporta to do show and tell of Eastside crossing improvements
  53. Whole auditing process reviewed; big improvements being made
  54. supervisors trained on Hazard recognition and incident investigation
  55. Notes operator recertification
  56. Safety should be integrated into all aspects of
  57. Collecting safety data, analyzing it, setting performance metrics
  58. Harry Supporta discussing safety management system, OSHA adopting it
  59. need to do better job communicating with employees, supporting safely recommendations
  60. Harry Supporta to do monthly safely update
  61. Crebs said w/Harry Supporta, security is in good hands
  62. GM: nice to have a friend in the chief's office
  63. Change in transit police leadership; Mike Crebs now an assistant chief, for PBB being recognized
  64. GM noting new buses in service yesterday; always learn from last batch of buses
  65. staff and have met twice; conversations quite positive
  66. plan to restore frequent service over next few years
  67. GM: arbitration award, others following expectations; "air of financial stability for once"
  68. Money from for came on July 1st
  69. Significant increase in long-term debt due to
  70. $41 million in reduced pension obligations; current on liabilities
  71. feels good about FY14 budget projections
  72. fares $900,000 below estimate, less than 1%
  73. David Auxier discussing tax growth amounts
  74. board members given new financials
  75. Impact of EAP, rec fund in budget
  76. Dave Auxier: money for reimbursements already in budget
  77. Joe Esmonde wonders is EAP is a part of health plan; it's not
  78. pension amounts, COLA rates, etc remain in place
  79. EAP and rec trust funds to be paid within 30 days, but ATU didn't ask for increases
  80. will be refunding premium payments, but it's a part of a court case
  81. Randy Steadman: exceptions of retroactive payments and funds not in proposal
  82. GM: arbitration ruling good for riders, district; a split decision
  83. Craig Prosser asking about other layover sites
  84. GM: high profile incidents create concern
  85. GM discussing what's being done about transients along I-205


Unknown said...

"Supporta has been looking into it, feels buses are safe" sounds like he never road a bus before, and the answer is "no" they are not under you guidence.

Jason McHuff said...

Alex Hawk tweeted too: