Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some typical Trimet bullshit

When it comes to asking employees to volunteer their time Trimet is one of the leaders. They expect you to park your car at the garage then get yourself to the road relief point. If it takes an hour they pay you a whole $4.50, which is below minimum wage and way below your actual rate of pay. We already know that Trimet won't pay a nickel for an operator to go out and learn a new route.

When a new signup occurs Trimet expects operators to attend totally on their own unpaid time. These 'signups' can run late by hours sometimes, too bad for operators, they get to sit around and wait and get no compensation for that. Even operators that don't bother to go have to fill out the request slips on their own time for zero compensation.

Trimet operators are supposed to know this ridiculously huge HR manual but they don't get paid to read it and there are no training classes on it.

When your medical card expires Trimet will pay the cost of the card but not the cost of your time in dealing with the medical card. The list goes on and on. When it comes to Trimet union employees they are expected to just volunteer their time to the company.

Every single white shirt, every single manager, gets full pay for attending meetings and other administrative functions. It's only the bus drivers that get ripped off like this.

And here we here we have a nice little survey that Trimet would like its line 4 operators to fill out. On their own time of course. The funny thing about the scheduling issues on the various routes is that Trimet already has all the information they need. They know who runs late, how late you run, how many people you pick up, where you pick them up, how much break time you have  etc etc. So they already have all the information necessary to make any adjustments.

So why do they need a survey? Here's my theory and they do the  same thing with the public. "They" have already decided what they want to do but they would like some external justification for doing it. This is accomplished by creating 'surveys' that lead the people filling out the surveys in the direction that the managers wish to lead them. Then when the decision is made the managers can say "we took a survey" and this is what people said. Of course the whole thing was basically a fraud and the decisions were already made. It's very similar to the 'public comments' they do them but they serve no actual purpose.

Here is the line 4 survey that they would like their drivers to complete on their own time. Keep in mind they already know everything about every single bus that runs on line 4. And 'fixing' any route is very simple, no survey needed. Increase recovery/break time. Simple as pie.
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Jason McHuff said...

Yes, TriMet does have finely detailed information about route performance, but that can't show how operators feel, e.g. if they're rushing to make the time that they do. There's also questions on there that data can't answer.

That being said, it says feedback will be confidential but the form asks for personal information. And paying 5-10 minutes to those who provide a usable response would be very reasonable and caring.

Al M said...

I talked to a few operators and they didn't say it would be 5 to 10 minutes more like half an hour. There's really no reason that Trimet can't fund this stuff. They fund all kinds of baloney but zero for operators. A couple questions on the last page might have some relevance

driver fitz said...

That's why I don't fill that stuff out. I waited for three months to fill out a "yellow card", which is now an online form. Did it while I was on report today. Still need to call BOLI and see if some of this is legal.