Friday, June 5, 2015

The "Heintzman/Hunt" phobia

I've been following Trimet (and ATU) for a long long time now. I consider myself an amateur historian in regards to this material. I consider myself objective on the subject matter. Recently I have been accused of promoting the so called "Heinztman/Hunt machine". Anybody that has actually been reading my material knows that I support the third party candidates for president/vice president and have some doubts that Hicks is up the the job of treasurer. As far as I can tell Mary Longoria has done an acceptable job as the current treasurer so I'm voting for her.

In regards to the Hansen vs Block its absolutely true that the two individuals have diametrically opposed views as to how to proceed in Trimet relations from this point forward.

I know that Bruce is an honorable man and is trying to do the right thing. However what justification is there to vote for him after he conceded to Mcfarlane on the contract? Its one thing to lose an arbitration its another thing to just give up. After 5 1/2 years and surcharges on our union dues just send up the white flag? Just hope that Trimet executives will do the right thing next time around? Is it not obvious to people that Trimet executive managers are shameless careerists and have no ethical problems in cheating the union employees?

From where I sit the main objection to Block (and for that matter Hunt) is that they are affiliated with the so called "machine" and if you don't vote for Bruce (and Dan since he is linked with Bruce) then the "machine" will be in charge of union relations again. There is some kind of "Heintzman/Hunt" phobia that pervades our membership in regards to these two gentlemen.

The common justification for voting for Bruce is that without him union relations will once again become untenable.  What these critics don't seem to understand is that it was TRIMET (Mcfarlane) that poisoned the relations with ATU757. It had nothing to do with Jon Hunt. Relations with the union and Trimet were fine before Mcfarlane took over. 

Jonathan Hunt is getting blamed for something that is definitely  not his fault. He was betrayed by Trimet executive officials but for some reason is getting the blame for that. Hunt was leading demonstrations and fighting against this Trimet tyranny.

 True we lost the arbitration, but that also was not his fault. If you read through the Gabba decision you will see for yourself that Mr Gabba did not feel good about ruling for Trimet. That leads credence to the argument that Trimet would have had a very difficult time in the next arbitration. We didn't get to see that however, Bruce just gave them what they wanted.

So the question that I am wondering about, being interested in these events and the reasons for them, is why are some Trimet union members so afraid of Ron Heinztman and Jonathan Hunt?

We had great contracts under these two gentlemen. Can somebody please explain to me the HEINTZMAN/HUNT phobia cause I just don't get it? What exactly is there to fear?

Heintzman(top) and Hunt(bottom) strike fear  into the heart of some ATU members

Obviously at this point everybody has made their decision on who to vote for. This post is being written as part of the 'history' that I am so enthusiastic about collecting.


Al M said...

When you really study the facts that have lead to Bruce's election it starts becoming clear that the whole thing was engineered by Trimet in the first place.

Even I was sucked into the anti 'machine' meme. Now three years have passed and I see how stupid I really was to believe that nonsense.

megaton said...

Al,One fact to be considered. Why not ask your new friends how one of them managed to convince the election committee they were a member in good standing. When in fact they were not even employed as a active employee at any ATU property.Another thought .why did couch street face bankruptcy when your other friend was in charge? The best part is that Bruce never mentioned these issues.enjoy al

megaton said...

The other issue is that arbitration was never brought to the membership.yes it was your hero's who created that quagmire.

Al M said...

Jeffery! U know I love u like a brother!

Tell your man to commit to not allowing the trimet slugs to cut our benefits anymore!

Commit to arbitration if trimet tries to propose further cuts.


megaton said...

Once again you just don't get it.

megaton said...

Once again you just don't get it.

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

I think Al gets it loud and clear! If the local was going to go bankrupt then why was Evette looking for another building to purchase? Yep, it was Evette the financial secretary that remodeled the kitchen and the bathroom and wanted to mortgage the building that is "paid in full" by the Heintzman cronies to purchase another building while she said they were in financial ruins. And weren't you an Executive Board Member at the time? Isn't that part of your responsibility when you sit on the Executive Board? By the way megaton, how was your union vacation to Canada? It amazes me that when it is you or someone you support it is training, when it's Jon or his supporters it's a vacation; can't have it both ways.

Al M said...

Here's what I get Jeff:

I'm scared shit that if Bruce remains president then our health benefits will be history without a fight.

They may be history anyway given the stupidity of our fellow citizens, but I don't want our president to just 'give them away'

At least go down fighting

megaton said...

The training in Canada was great
I'm not sure why your guy went
Either he was on his computer our missing
One afternoon entirely.the bankruptcy falls squarely on the presidents the way no one seems to be at all concerned that Mr H
Was not employed at any transit agency when he ran last time.come on speak to the people about to there is a story

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Oh so now its training because you attended? Didn't you head out to the beach when you were in Florida? Or was that just a rumor?

Maybe that's why the bylaws timeline was blown this time? All by design just to make sure if Ron runs we can discredit him as much as possible before the elections. I think people are finally pulling back the curtains and seeing the hatred for a man that doesn't deserve it. The BEST CONTRACTS we will probably EVER have and the man that in his interviews was asked what is your greatest accomplishment for the union? The Answer "Members make enough money to send their kids to college"! Wow, what is Bruce's legacy? He gave away so much money on the backs of the employees that you will NO LONGER be able to pay for your co-pays and out of pocket expenses, least not send your kids to college and just think Megaton you just wanted to settle too.

The only bankruptcy I know about is Anna Hick's three which thanks to Al I know about.

Al M said...

In all honesty the only issue I care about is the preservation of my retirement benefits. I am genuinely worried that Bruce is not committed to preserving our benefits. I don't care about anything else

megaton said...

Please,come on investigate this issue.yes I went to the beach.once I found out that we were all sent to the convention to campaign for Mr H.

Al M said...

As far as I am concerned all the ATU officers can have one giant never ending party as long as they protect the members who are paying the dues.

And that means FIGHTING for our benefits, not surrendering them willy nilly.