Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Issues surrounding the character of Dan Martin

Dan Martin
I have been sent multiple documents which have been obtained via public records requests  regarding Dan's candidacy and have been hesitant to post any of the information to this site. 

My posts have concentrated on issues vs peoples past mistakes.

 I like Dan Martin, have always liked Dan. The only issue I have against Dan is that he supported this latest contract. That one issue is enough to make me vote against Dan.

But this blog is about collecting information about the characters involved with Trimet and ATU757 so I need to bring to light information about the material I have seen about Dan.

 It appears from the information I have received that Dan was charged with some pretty serious infractions in his past . 

He was also subject to a fairly large judgement handed out by the United States District court.

This is not rumor or innuendo, I have seen the documents myself. 

When you as an ATU757 member cast your vote you need to be aware that these issues exist.


michael ivie said...

aware not away, proof read my friend it makes the difference.

Al M said...

thank you

busman said...

Must be same documents I got emailed

megaton said...

Welcome to the machine.don't forget your heroes who brought you embezzlements.trips to Romania.gave up our strike rights.and the d.u.I.of recent history.

Al M said...

Yup all that's true megaton. Not new information tho

Calire Stello said...

Why don't you post the documents you have so we all can see and decide for ourselves what we think about this person.

Al M said...

"Why don't you post the documents you have so we all can see and decide for ourselves what we think about this person."

--->because they include personal information that should not be publicly published

Calire Stello said...

Thank you for your postings. I don't care about "the machine" or whatever someone wants to call it. At C-Tran we don't always hear about some of the characters and appreciate as much info as possible. Unions have enough problems and we don't need people elected to office with questionable pasts. Please post the documents so those of us at other properties can make an educated well thought out vote.

Al M said...

To post the documents would require intensive redacting. That would be very time consuming and I just don't have that sort of time or patience to do that right now.

Al M said...

But know one thing, if I didn't have an actual basis for these posts I would be subject to a liable lawsuit.

In other words you can be assured I am not making this stuff up.