Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bruce Hansen-explain this contract clause

”The parties have agreed to labor/management meetings to make recommendations to the District on health insurance plan design, benefit levels, and the possible utilization of a private healthcare exchange for plan year 2016”.

I don't know about what other people see in that contract clause but to me that sounds like setting the foundation for further cuts to our hard earned benefits. What other possible reason would that clause be placed in the contract? Meanwhile Bruce is keeping incredibly quiet in this election.
Just so you know that I am not making this up


Al M said...

Do you really want a president that actually allowed a clause like that to be included into the final contract?

Are people out of their minds?

Al M said...

I have no faith in the members doing the right thing here.
These are the same people that actually voted yes to cutting their benefits.

Unprecedented in union politics in this country. Not one other transit district that is unionized gave away their own benefits.

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

But some experts are concerned that private exchanges simply offer a convenient way for companies to move from paying a set percentage of each employee's premium cost to a fixed-dollar premium contribution, shifting more costs onto employees as premiums rise. They warn that employers could antagonize their workers if the workers see it that way. “If you're going to stick your employees with the risk of unusually high premiums, they're not going to want to work for you,” said Mark Pauly, a healthcare finance expert at the University of Pennsylvania. (Modern Healthcare article June 7, 2014)

Bruce laid the ground work for a private exchange to come in when he negotiated a "contribution" to your healthcare instead of a benefit level. This will apply to "retirees" also. Mercer which is TriMet's healthcare broker just started including retirees in their private exchange healthcare plan design. KING BRUCE doesn't care that the wage committee soundly shot this down, he continues to work with TriMet to get this implemented. We are screwed!

Henry Beasley said...

A good read on private exchanges:

which mentions Mercer: Today, companies are often comparing exchange solutions brought to them directly by firms like Aon, Towers, Mercer and Buck, and attempting to choose between them. If they didn’t have the bandwidth or expertise in the past to choose between Anthem, Cigna, Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare, what makes them qualified to choose between exchange suppliers?

Many firms also now require non-disclosure agreements which prevent you from completing proper due diligence.