Monday, November 21, 2022

Neal Berlin brings historical perspective

Mr Berlin is as passionate as I am about TriMet and its impacts of employees/riders

The audit was whitewash. The staff that did the audit did spend extra time going to every garage and department taking copious statements from all those Rank & File members who wanted to go on the record of their concerns. In the final report, most of the most damaging statements where not even mentioned in footnotes or just deleted. The one major recommendation that has never happened was there should be follow up audit a few years later. Still waiting.
Now, one must take into account the political climate and the financial challenges of the time.
Then Governor Kitzhaber was running for reelection and was having enough
problems without having TriMet issues being linked to him. In that he appointed most all the TriMet Board of Directors. Who where and still are nothing more than bobble heads that rubber stamp what TriMet management wants to do. Also at the same time the economy was experiencing economic problems that health care costs where growing ( that is a long story in itself).
In the light of what was happening politically and financially the audit was a way to put TriMet problems of mismanagement on back burner. Not much has changed for the better since the audit. In many areas that the audit pointed out deficiencies things have gotten worse!

There needs to be real INVESTIGATION audit done of TriMet. Not by those who have political and financial stake in exposing incompetence.
The governmental agency,
METRO needs to exercise its authority responsibility to finally oversee TriMet.
This will take leadership that I fear that is lacking.
When the financial roof finally collapse upon TriMet Capital Project Ponzi Scheme the taxpayers as usual will be left holding the bag.

Most of the current Rank & File are oblivious to pass TriMet history. Most of current Rank & File are swimming in quicksand thinking that they get out safely by remaining silent and laying on their backs and spreading there legs. What I fear, and I mentioned before, is that TriMet is heading toward bankruptcy. What that means for those who are retried and are on well earned meager pension is not a comforting thought. With no money coming in from the Federal Government for massive bailout via some new transit projects the TriMet Capitalization Project Scheme will end in bankruptcy. TriMet is not the only transit agency in this the precarious situation. Mainly due to similar bureaucracies of inbred mass transit executives going from one agency to another. Like transplanting a cancerous heart and thinking that will save the patient.

Meanwhile ATU 757 has helped fuel the demise of the TriMet by not effectively pointing out to the public, the taxpayers, of what is going on in the mismanagement of the agency. In turn, it has failed its fiduciary duty to the Rank & File that has payed dues for that purpose.
I am just an old man. Never been a important player in the big overall picture of the goings on at TriMet. Have felt the consequences of not accepting with a smile the whims,the will of those who have think they ultimate authority to,determine my fate at this agency without questioning there abuse of there power. You and I are few who have fought for own wellbeing but for Rank & File in it’s entirely.
A thankless task. One that was undertaken not looking for recognition or for personal financial gain. Many times to be rebuffed by the very people that we picked the gauntlet for as they sit in a recliner with a beer in hand.
As my Dad use to say: What will be will be. This to will pass. I only pray, that the outcome will be not as disastrous as i fear.

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