Sunday, November 6, 2022




2/58-'jet fuel odor' 4/67-'did you know there was vandalism on the back of your bus'--'no'

33/02 puke bus 75/03-scooter tipped over she had hidden a can of propane in a πŸ…±πŸ…»πŸ…°πŸ…½πŸ…ΊπŸ…΄πŸ†ƒ! 22 minutes later she's still on the floor 44/67 'discovered a large pile of puke'

78/80-'she's laying across the back seat but her eyes are wide open' 2/36-LV-'he's yelling to himself' dispatch says just drive 9/40-dispossessed looking for shelter

2/60 person walking on the tracks-who cares drive 9/01-Wei Pham-after all these years he still has that thick accent-"that guy get on my bus and 10 followed him and beat him but the left"

33/08-driver wants clarification on LV and fall 2/58-'he vomitted all over the bus he's just sitting here continuing to vomit' dispatch says take him where he's going then trade the bus out which is perfectly reasonable

9/38 wants DITCH ORDER for the dispossessed "the driver before me let her on" yes SAVE THEM ALL DRIVERS exist thank god 75/01-milk spilled-so what-drive 72/09-bring out the dog and he wants DITCH ORDER

33/08-'she's verbally assaulting me' DITCH REFUSED supervisor got rid of her

17/04-"man is in a lot of pain will he be safe?" 72/06-F'n doors ALL MERLO BUSES HAVE BAD FAREBOXES-FARE FREE TRANSIT SOME BACKGROUND--33/08-rider fell out of seat

94/71-did you know TriMet has NEVER updated their fare boxes? It's true! Also his seat is f'd up Λ‘α΅‰α΅ƒα΅ˆα΅‰Κ³ ⁱⁿ α΅—α΅‰αΆœΚ°βΏα΅’Λ‘α΅’α΅ΚΈ "is it fare free today"

87/40-living room chair-just take it and DRIVE but he wants permission from the tyrants/APPROVED 33/07-FALL on sidewalk 75/13-rider intimidating another rider requests DITCH ORDER

20/75 doing fare free transit 77/04-another DOOMED in the shelter-JUST DRIVE 54/72-the relief can't do the relief cause he lost his backpack

7246 Supervisor in route.

7246 Subject moved. The guy blew smoke in my face & walked out the door. Supervisor behind you.

9101 You can be clear of that. 9106 Just pulled up.

HE CAN RIDE THE BUS---9101 Sounds like a misunderstanding.

668 Chewed up food on the seat.

3567 Wiper issue! No mechanic ms on the weekends.

5769 I’m on my 4th bus

1901 Biohazard Banned to the ditch.

SHE SENDS MULTIPLE MESSAGES---THEN CSS GOT ON THE PHONE---5269 Fare inspectors had an issue with a guy & broke my wiper & threatening me & camper in the shelter. ACID #

UHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH---5269 The guy left. Wiper blade is disabled.

5269 The guy left. Wiper blade is disabled.

2068 Sleeping on the floor.

7002 Soak & Wet bag left at bus stop.

7214 Didn’t leave the yard late

867 Damn Doors

πŸ…±πŸ…»πŸ…°πŸ…½πŸ…ΊπŸ…΄πŸ†ƒ! --263 No Heat & I’m sick of his mouth.

263 He’s off & ditch accepted.

5534 Will work extra button…. Your relieved today.

7869 This is not my day. Mixed up the route.

WHAT A FUCKING WASTE OF YOUR TIME---7205 Customer Conduct Take your feet off the seat .

KILL EVERYONE LEAVE EVERY INJURED PERSON IN THE DITCH---7511 lady wanted to board in the street & she was crying. She got kicked off for puking on another bus. She’s banned to the ditch.

255 Bus rear ended & scuff mark.

7235 Little Leon

3035 Damn Doors

7002 Guy says I hit his car. Please send road sup.

5269 Never got an ACID #

2068 Smoking & High with a BLANKET!!!! She’s INTHEDITCH.

2041 Priority! Fell out of the seat.

7242 Police/Emergency Good Background!

2041 Customer Conduct Keeps sitting on the floor.

TRYING TO GET A RIDER OUT THE DOOR--1505 Holding up the street car.



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