Tuesday, November 8, 2022




75/06-TRIP 71/34-NOCEBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

52/70 think's he sees wanted man-JUST DRIVE 2/62-'hitting the bus with a giant stick left IN THE DITCH 78/68-'he's screaming and throwing things' he requests medical

2/44-TSP FAIL 57/78-KTA or maybe not 72/34-small fire-who cares 57/74-fake a break down clear to roll it was not the wanted man, as usual, JUST DRIVE

20/42-sleeper fell out of the seat 57/75-wagon criminals dispatch says you don't have to KTA they are deaf 62/69-send ditch removal 2/62-NOT A PRIORITY-NO TSP

33/12- BACKGROUND- but she's just nuts/driver knows not to engage her but he did it with no problem 43/70 missed the turn 55/38-ditch removal requested

80/35 junk bus

FARE FREE TRANSIT DAY only Merlo tho 2/41-BACKGROUND-'he punched the guy in the face' check to see if he needs medical-'he needs medical he's bleeding bad'

2/41-(2)-the guy that was a bloody mess got up and left

“Rider causing big trouble on the train”

one million calls about CAD's 2/41-'he's offending everyone and REFUSES DITCH' Muceous himself get hit on the mirror 20/34-'she told me she was raped' not all there

77/02-driver was in the bathroom and his bus got hit cars will need to be towed but there will be no test SINCE HE WASN'T EVEN IN THE BUS 6/77 has THE BANNED but he keeps pulling the stop request

9/34-she's IN THE-DITCH and covered in feces and driver gave her THE-DITCH and TriMet will issue a DITCH-ORDER 77/03-he paid his cash but the ticket machine ain't working cause all those over paid executives are worthless

2050 Fire in the bus shelter. Cold out there INTHEDITCH.

1509 Passenger requesting an ambulance. He might pass out.

1509 medical is responding

1509 Ready for service.

Extra 768 Hit the panic button

243 Operator wants Guy banned to the ditch. Supervisor in route.

243 Priority! Customer Conduct In a wheelchair. Send mental health crisis response team. Background!!!

Update someone wheeled him on board. Sup in route!

7701 Hollywood TC Trade their Hop ticket for a bus ticket?

243 Supervisor is following the bus. Operator not comfortable & afraid he’s going to fall.

468 Fare Box Blues Free Rides!

243 The guy wants an ambulance. Supervisor will talk to him.

Road Supervisor says he’s in mobility device. He looking to stay warm. Had operator turn off the heat & refuses to get off.

243 Curtailment to NT

3306 Grinding Brakes

1506 Passenger appears to high & moving around the bus. He hasn’t paid fare. 😈

1506 He’s zonked out in the back.

5467 Operator ill-HE'S GOT THE SHITS

5467 Operator ILL Like to go home.

907 Body fluid & hand hand sanitizer thrown at operator. Sup in route!

6268 Electric Bus Blues

259 Spit at operator & he has a BLANKET!!!

WANTS HIM BANNED TO THE DITCH---801 Very violent man. Same guy causing issues. Customers helped out op.

6268 Electric Bus Blues

7234 Big pot hole & almost threw my back out.

3306 Brakes aren’t ok! Heat them up!

3306 Go get a new bus!

7701 Hollywood TC Trade their Hop ticket for a bus ticket?

All Blue Line Trains! Do not open your doors at Rockwood!

Train 67 Service Eastbound at Rockwood.

Train 7 Do not open at Rockwood

Train 86 Smoking Drugs on Train! 15 minute countdown.

Train 86 33 minute delay

Train 86 Round 2 Fentanyl

Train 5 South end of platform 3 people smoking Fentanyl. Got my doors closed.

Train 85 Holding at Powell. Bright blue hoodie.

Train 86 Comfort Break & 45 minutes down

Train 62 Stay closed at Rockwood

Train 86 Turn you at RQ


406 Sleeping

7234 ACID # Spit on Fare Inspector

7514 Pier Park Restroom


3305 Ditch refused at the L/O

7103 Tripped on Ramp ACID #

907 Canceled the trip & supposed to fill the run.

1505 Busted shelter glass

939 20 mph school zone on Powell

THE DOOMED AND WALKING DEAD--1202 Loud&Verbal Threw her stuff all over. Background!

1202 Police are in route! Do not engage with her.

1202 Checking up!

5469 Emergency Medical

5778 Slip & Fall

👹2038 Mentally challenged soiled themselves. Biohazard Op wants Ditch Ban! 💀

471 Hit tree branch with the mirror

2038 Ditch accepted! Seat is covered in Biohazard & stinks.

 1202 How ya doing?

2042 Biohazard Puke

FUCKING DOORS!  2/36  24/39  2/36  9/01 33/02

7217 Not a priority! You left 7 minutes late! 2nd day on the job.

675 2 guys getting ready to fight.

675 Refuses to leave! Background!

😅675 Dispatch says No fighting on the bus!

675 I can’t move the bus. Instigator is still on the bus.


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