Friday, November 25, 2022




71/04 may need ditch removal 77/34-'what do you do about someone who keeps ringing the bell' 20/75-ditch is refused dispatch inside DITCH ACCEPTED

71/03-"anxiety" pull it over/he's done for today 17/36-ditch is always refused/technically he ca ride till the end of shift 24/68-is gonna SAVE THEM ALL "Don't go to his house"

79/35-'they want us to call the police because their sister is being held hostage' and they're telling the bus driver? "she left" obviously in her right mind 8/68-lost & confused driver called the VA STA!😇

72/03-smoking meth-ditch accepted-driver has some nocebo effects-FIT CHECK ORDERED 77/02-wrong turn 12/68-'did you pull into the 12 bay or the 94 bay'---'you need to pay attention to the paddle'

1436 Large thing full of stuff & he has a large propane talk & he won’t accept ditch & BLANKET!!

1436 He threw the propane tank out the door.

5271 Do a huge favor. Let them now the phones are forwarded to the wrong place.

1513 Spits on the bus when he rides.

HEAR HER ALL THE TIME---867 Loud&Verbal Good Background!

867 Just checking in on you. Good Background!

1735 Sleeping a COMPLETE trip. No rule about it. Ditch order denied.

867 Ditch accepted. DONOTBOARD!

403 Medical needed for chest pains.

403 Medical in route. He’s 32 y/o

403 medical transported him

7513 Biohazard

2070 Customer Conduct Biohazard Feces on the seat.

Train is stuck at Merlo due to hitting a dear, runs being cancelled!

LIFT driver getting beaten up by someone

5471 Someone standing on top of the OHSU Tram

1238 How early can I run after the Burnside bridge?

1405 Passenger threw something liquid on another passenger.

YOU DO NOTHING--SHE CALLS THE COPS---7103 Gentleman making gestures towards a young lady & touching his private parts.

2434 Someone throwing stuff at my bus at Gateway.

5773 Relief almost there.

7238 Refuses to fold up her kart

WHAT DA FUCK---------3308 Bring out the dog . The service dog is a girl not a boy.

401 Customer says another bus hit him & kept driving.

401 We can send supervisor to come talk to him.

7103 Spilt Milk it’s a huge mess.

5776 Loud&Verbal

5776 Loud&Verbal He started calling me names.

5270 Hand prints on the windshield.

405 Passenger wants police & says she had 800$ stolen from her.

7209 Loud&Verbal Intoxicated & fell out of his seat! Good Background!

7209 Just another day on the 72.

242 I’m Lost

1901 Sleeper Check

254 No Transit signal Priority! That’s not a priority!


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