Monday, November 28, 2022




75/04-missed the turn 8/05-drive drama queen now she has a wagon wants to KTA/dispatch says don't KTA 72/09-stop has been flooded for days

2/34-🅵🅴🅽🆃🅰🅽🆈🅻--but they weren't actually smoking anything ***good example of the NOCEBO EFFECT IN ACTION***

2/34-nocebo part 2-supervisor smells nothing-dispatch says sign off if you want-he's gonna milk it, why not?

78/71-you can take alcohol on the bus driver thinks any open container is not allowed-its not FENTANYL! (why is everything a f'n issue) 72/09 "my leader is brand spanking new and I don't want to run him over"

72/02-bus driver has given the man an exclusion and the man wants a supervisor-dispatch says you can't exclude someone today who was acting up yesterday

72/08-"I let off the woman that was on the message" 71/01-CC-"singing and screaming and 1/2 way pulling down their clothes, gender unknown" 17/36-"two guys got into it one had a knife but he got off"

57/73-INSTANT REPLAY-BUS VS PED "I hit him pretty hard its some homeless person" (thank god for that right) no witness cards operator is rightfully upset just broken arm so that's good

20/45-'huge tarp someone may be in it' 2/60-no heat

72/04-'a balloon popped in the bus but there's no one in the bus' everything looks fine 12/68-off route Humanitarian

he is dressed as a clown however-DITCH IS REFUSED 1/2 hour delay-rider waiting got the ditch as well as the clown-"Mohamed is a Great dictator"

No toilet paper Solved

7201 Busted shelter glass

2034 Bench is on Fire


7243 Signed the wrong work. Have a chat with the station agent.

7508 Priority! Might need medical for drug issue.

7508 Loud&Verbal & potential biohazard

602 Needles

3037 Loud&Verbal & Ditch refused at end of the line.

1437 Customer Conduct

3312 Wipers

3307 Shelter glass

@PortlandPolicejust hit a bus, police office didn't stop. FELONY!!

7208 Fares & it won’t print.

8867 Send crisis response team.

7507 Request the city to fix pothole.

9470 How to get from Sherwood to McMinnville?

EXCLUSION ORDER ISSUED BY THE DRIVER--- NO CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM WILL BE SHOWING UP---672 INTHEDITCH & send crisis response team & he’s possibly a biohazard .

7208 No Fares!

DRIVER IS A REAL HUMANITARIAN--- Expect delays now on Line 12 as the puking clown is trying to board a bus at Tigard TC.

668 INTHEDITCH & disturbing customers.


7504 No Relief Talk to dispatch first

DRAMA QUEEN TIME---3501 Customer Conduct Piss soaked pants & biohazard

3501 Biohazard describes ditch person.

5267 Offroute sounds new

WHO FUCKING CARES JUST DRIVE THE BUS -DISPATCH CODDLES THESE DRIVERS---2038 Loud&Verbal Dog climbing all over the seats.

5768 Vehicle crashed into bus stop.

Bus vs Ped NOW!! #trimet

Reports W/M stripping at Parkrose TC.


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