Sunday, November 27, 2022



2/52-says its too dangerous to get out

20/78 riders are fighting/one left 75/13-issues exclusion order 9/03-issues exclusion order 71/03-THE BANNED is on he's doomed to the ditch

52/69-puke bus/throw them in the ditch trip cancelled 17/01 is lost 71/04 wants ditch removal-'rotting flesh' 9/02-worrying about non trimet related graffiti

58/67-"it happens every weekend these new operators the 67 is sitting there for 4 minutes" THIS IS A VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS AND A VIOLATION OF THE TRIMET CODE--2/34 left him in THE-DITCH based on what he 'thinks'-ya they do that these days over there

77/01-man wants driver to call cause men were harassing him on the street-call the cops not the bus driver 52/69-teenagers hitting the bus "don't kill time on the mall"

54/68 requests ditch removal 44/68-OPERATOR ILL-"I feel quite badly" "I think I misread the message and went straight to the garage"---"that's what we wanted you to do"

20/50-dispossessed sprawled out-give him THE DITCH 15/04-bike has propane tank attached-DITCH ACCEPTED 76/76-missed the turn 77/04-lady hit by car

14/34---"14/01 was headed east/he walked to the other side of the road/he held his arms out" 75/11-he pissed on the back bumper (so what) 72/09-CC-harassing riders about shopping bags BODY SLAMMED-DITCH

9/02 they'll get right on it 73/40-threw a bunch of bags at my windshield/its on the wipers now no damage

DRIVERS CAN'T MAKE THESE DECISIONS AND ITS A VIOLATION OF THE RIDERS CIVIL RIGHTS---237 Guy standing at my door in the parking lot. He’s impaired & I’m not letting him on.

STOP KILLING THEM ALL---7236 Mobility Device full of stuff & Bring out the dog .

BLOCKING THE AISLE THE LATEST RIDICULOUS THING AT TRIMET--7236 Bring out the dog & he’s blocking the aisle. I’m super late & very full.

2034 Sleeping


7201 Looks for L&F Backpack & Foster L/O

JUST DRIVE WHO CARES-------2040 Dude hanging out the back of a car. It’s super Sketchy!

3502 Dan Kelly did the 4 instead of the 35.

253 No transit signal Priority!

3303 Biohazard Pooped in one of the seats.

408 DONOTBOARD hit the side of my bus with a skateboard 🛹.

1002 Water dripping from booster fan on operator.

😅😅255 Priority! Car in the bus only lane.

NEVER CALL DISPATCH UNLESS YOU HAVE TO---7003 Parking cone caught in my rear duals.

HE DOESN'T WANT TO WRITE A REPORT--NOW HE KNOWS BETTER THAN CALLING IT IN--7003 Operator got the cone out. Supervisor will have to check for damage. ACID # WRITE A REPORT!!! Management is involved!!!

7867 Lady complaining I won’t take her to Lake Oswego.

263 Gentleman took a bad spill & bleeding from his nose.

THIS IS NOT EVEN A TRIMET RELATED INCIDENT--409 Bring out the dog & aggressive dog outside & created dangerous situation.


7509 Poured out something on the seat of the bus & all over the floor.

2401 Sleeping & will not wake up.

ITS NOT PEE WHO KNOWS WHAT IT IS---7509 I don’t know what it is? Plan of attack?

9235 Running 10 Minutes late. That’s on me.

DRIVEEEEEEEEEEEE-----7934 Bring out the Dog . Personal pets need to be in a carrier.

SUPER SCANNER STAR---802 No equity in your community.

2069 Full bus & scooter wants on.

2074 Fist fight in the intersection.

7212 Priority! Someone stuck on the top of the Porta Potty trying to break in.

7212 I’m hold with police & They crawled inside of it. Just need to unlock the door.

7212 He’s out of the Porta Pottie.

257 Relief 12 minutes late.



68-"I'm smelling something GROSS" 'DEER HEAD IN RIGHT OF WAY'

2230-man falls out of wheelchair he's awake! 64-TIN FOIL/LIGHTER-🆘 'stuff out I told him to put it away'

64-'he lit incense'-no hysteria ensues 9530 wants to 'escort him off the property'-he's banned TO-THE-DITCH 85-"he's masturbating" 18-"trying to poke the pantograph with a branch'

ROBBERY SUSPECT don't hit that guy! walk of shame! FIT FOR DUTY CHECK "the light was green" to bad report required

TRAIN 60-"my bag touched him now he's screaming at me and I want him IN-THE-DITCH" "I don't want to stick my head out of the cab" give him cigarettes!


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