Thursday, November 24, 2022



57/67-refuses ditch/dispatch says she can stay KTA DENIED/she left and pissed says KTA order

2/56-did you make contact with other buses mirrors-'it was really close' accident report required 9/07-'he's throwing cans at buses' 72/12-'he called me racist and said he knows where I live"

52/74-SIP/driver yelled at him 75/03-driver losing it 'he's calling me names' still calling me names DITCH ACCEPTED-driver will need FIT CHECK

19/34-HARD STOP-INJURY 72/17-woman got blood on the bus driver threw everyone in the ditch woman bleeding is in the back/DITCH ACCEPTED/TRIP CANCELLED 9/04-drinking beer and belligerent roll

12/44--'how you doing tonight'---'I've done better there's someone under a bus right now' 4/70 another one left in the trimet ditch/why even run a transit system 2/48 spots THE DOOMED

14/01-"ADA device is loaded with stuff" *KTA* throw the poor guy with all his possessions in the ditch or tell him to wait for a save them all driver 20/69- someone peed in the bus and he stepped in it

4/68-abandoned bus-'can I move it' 70/10-she pissed her pants some poor old lady 75/01-"they're gonna burn up the shelter" (ya right)

4/06-"Hung speaking" 73/34-wants him in THE-DITCH-she was disrespected won't get off not gonna drive here he comes DITCH WAS ACCEPTED

47/72 saw someone run a red light 79/34-(2)-will leave those teenagers in the ditch if she sees them again 45/68-sleeper/take your break take your stuff

15/02-"I turned onto the wrong 405" 79/34-CC-teenagers flipped off other driver got on her bus playing loud music/dispatch says be careful when they leave 12/38-"both toilets are out of service"

14/37-regarding the man setting fires he sees NO FIRE 31/35 leader in technology-truck blocking 70/03-kids tagged the bus 73/39-GOOD BACKGROUND-MACE-MAYHEM-15 PEOPLE FIGHTING

73/39---13 minutes later no emergency response has arrived everyone has left the bus HANDLED IT LIKE A REAL PRO

4/03 sees accident wants to be witness 15/05-'belligerent safety issue' some issue with the door 55/36-is lost 14/34-'he said he was setting a fire' dispatch likes her earrings

1934 Left out of 2nd position. Bus vs. Bus

260 Car had hit me. ACID #

260 Did you call it in?

7239 Ditch refused at the end of the line.

9667 Took the wrong pouch.

3568 Individual walking on the HWY shoulder. Very hazardous.

1703 Someone camped out at Holgate & Max & a warming fire.


406 Dan Kelly

5275 Busted shelter glass

7516 Hand trucks aren’t allowed & Guy got upset.

7003 Possible Seizure

7506 Loud&Verbal Shattered the front door.

7003 medical arrived

PARANOIA WILL DESTROY YA----6609 Declined a black backpack at Hollywood tc. What’s suspicious about it?

7504 Do you see a backpack by the Porta Pottie?

7007 I just hit a parked truck. IM done! I’m Done! 3rd PA in past 6 weeks as new operator.

1437 What’s he saying?

906 Customer Conduct Using offensive language & ditch refusal.

7935 Biohazard Puke

1402 Someone egged my bus .

1402 Write up a work card.

257 Using bike thing as a scooter.

5275 Customer Conduct Spitting on the floor & his pats were down.

935 Customer Conduct Stay in your seat.

3034 Sleeping


3308 Drooling & crying passenger. Wellness check!

3308 The gentleman just pulled out a knife. Police will meet at OTC.

3308 How big is the knife?

3308 The guy got off on McGloughlin.

3308 What direction did this guy go?

3308 KTA Open Container of alcohol & she’s calling me a “B.” Ditch finally accepted & Ditch order!


7673 Knocked mirror into the side of the bus . H&R.

HE'S IN THE DITCH JUST DEAL WITH IT----7135 Biohazard Smells really bad.

3308 Biohazard

1238 Overpowering smell! Operator wants ditch ban.

7701 Unzipped his pants & was exposing himself.

HE DOESNT PAY AND HE DOESN'T WORK---HMMM---8501 BLANKET!!! & he flashes me his penis & plays with it. Ditch Ban ordered!!!

8501 Wants company report for harassment. Sup probably has one.

6468 Tapped mirror to mirror of another vehicle.

7217 Busted shelter glass

403 Loud&Verbal Good Background!!

868 Mr. Cobb Loud&Verbal

6269 Electric Bus Blues

2-6269 Electric Bus Blues

868 Ditch accepted at RQ

3305 Busted shelter glass

6269 Electric Bus blues it’s charging!!!


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