Monday, November 7, 2022



75/04 is laying over in the wrong direction 20/78 sees SCARY man 6/03-'he took my $200!' 12/71-FENTANYL 💣💥 NOBODY IS HYSTERICAL

72/09-COVERT-sounds like its real/lots of shouting "People are fighting in the bus" "KNIFE" --no injuries--"they are pushing them out"

57/68-"HELLO"---"I got a CC"---"I'm not sure how I'm supposed to respond when they are smoking pot" they left so why are you calling? NOCEBO?

75/06 is late thanks to gate 12/67-GREAT BACKGROUND-domestic dispute/they left says DITCH ORDER 20/50-she put the liquor away so WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL?

No relief for train 85 "can you bring it to main st" -"not a chance I'm done when I get to gateway" he wins 'shards sticking out' kick off the cattle

Max has busted windows on both cars

24/02-he's THE DOOMED and 'he's starving' its amerikka--just die already 💀 72/14 says DITCH ORDER FOR LITTLE LEON 4/11-CC-riders arguing some background one left

8/07-'my mirror is swinging around' 88/70-fare free transit for ALL 2/49 wants TRIMET DITCH ORDER after giving him THE DITCH 10/03 gave him THE DITCH during her layover and then GUESS

72/34 the fact that the idiot trimet management can't figure out how to make bus doors work is all you need to know about them

467 Sleeping

467 Fire responded. Ditch accepted!

DISPATCH TRIES TO TALK SENSE TO THE DRIVER BUT NO GO---940 Customer Conduct Drunk & Disorderly!

940 Sending supervisor. Op wants ditch Ban. Background!!!

VERY UNPLEASANT PEOPLE---940 They’re off the bus & taking pictures & blocking me. Sup in route.

940 Go ahead & roll. Sup in in Clackamas.

467 Young man accepts the ditch & refuses help.

TWEENS---902 Young teens spray painting a building & sprayed the bus.

GOOD BACKGROUND HERE---902 Customer Conduct Shopping Kart not allowed. Little red riding hood gone mad.

SAVED THEM ALL---7239 Will drive stranded person to OTC.

1202 Ability to access a tow record for a vehicle?

ANOTHER DAY ----667 Drug addict doing drugs & has taken over the shelter.

HUH?---602 Ambulance 🚑 requested. Acid reflux.

602 Medical situation….

602 Medical took the guy…

241 4 minutes early….

241 It’s ok to run 3 minutes early inbound…

1511 Guy INTHEDITCH looking for a laundry mat…

5768 Went into Into Forrest Grove the wrong way….

2034 Gentleman in the middle on the road pointing his finger like a gun. He’s freaking me out….

'HE LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE'----2001 Left Guy INTHEDITCH standing in the street…

2034 He bent my wipers. They are broken….

2034 Police are in route & he’s vandalized other cars….

2034 Supervisor knows police in route… getting a trade to you…

2071 Grab your leader’s passengers…

ITS BENT OVER THE BIKE RACK---2034 What components of the wiper are broken? It’s the whole thing!

7009 Damn Doors

7009 They are going to trade em out.

7670 Mr. Cobb On speaker phone & really loud.

2042 Went into BTC backwards…

241 Bus signal TST light issues. Stay in the bus only lane ⁦

7001 Loud&Verbal Shut up & drive & threatened to kick my ass & threw rocks at the bus.

7091 No visible damage. ACID #

YES ITS MANDATORY BUT WHAT'S THE REASON YOU CAN'T DO IT REMOTELY---001 Is it mandatory to write a report?

1702 Operator has to mark off at 12:30 for caregiving.

HE CALLED HIM AN 'IMBECILE'-HAHAHA--5769 Back window was hit by angry passenger & broken.


253 Loud&Verbal Good Background!!!

3134 Richard in a mobility device wants an ambulance.

3134 They can’t transport him in his chair. He will catch another bus.

410 Priority! Newbie!!! Offroute!

1----410 Still figuring things out.

2---410 Still figuring things out.

807 Tried to do a courtesy stop & side swiped a parked car. PA!

7234 Damn Doors & beeping sound.

8870 Fare Box blues

OH MY GOD CALL SWAT AND GET THE AMBO THERE FAST--254 Homeless smoking dope by my front door.


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