Monday, November 21, 2022



72/06-'husky dog' is running around 76/67-sleeper at end of line-"I'm not hitting the window" he left

15/02-OPERATOR ILL-headache/joint pain-"I don't want time loss" he wants someone to bring him Advil-DENIED/he's on probation 79/34-'he's laying down I don't think its safe' driver should be held harmless for this

17/01-FX buses blocking 2/60-no heat/defroster maintenance says DRIVE 77/04-super scanner star has calmed down quite a bit 9/40-he went over something

88/70-'supervisor says you can proceed'---'proceed in what way' 72/09-thinks THE DOOMED may be DEAD 9/38-"I have a passenger setting things on fire in the bus"


71/35-'that bus was 2" away'-- "he was a senior driver" 20/45-'he fell against the tree' 35/02-YOU ARE 10 MINS EARLY! "I didn't see that"---"we had the same issue with you yesterday"

33/34-HARD STOP-woman in wheelchair slid off chair no medical 2/58 needs to be going in the opposite direction sighs good luck newbie

TSP failed. TriMet is the leader in technology

2/55-pile of leaves-who cares 2/58-'I'm new I don't know the repair is' 'when you call in use your block we don't need your bus number and driver number'

44/69-'throwing stuff at the bus he's living in a tent' NOT A PRTT! 57/73-throw everyone in the ditch-its for their safety 20/70 the wonderful electric buses

1705 Kicked off 3 males for vaping.

TRYING TO SAVE THEM ALL---1434 No more 73s & she’s out in the cold in a mobility device.

IN AMERIKKA YOU DIE---1434 She can ride with you & are you willing to take her? We don’t work with Lift.

408 Extreme alcohol intoxication.

DRIVER DESERVES A COMMENDATION---1705 Do a huge favor for an ada customer on line 14?

408 Mental health crises still on the bus.

735 Fell down & unresponsive on the floor.

7103 Emergency Medical

5777 Busted shelter glass

602 Loud&Verbal Good Background! He fell & trying to bring a bunch of stuff onboard. Sup in route!

KILLS THEM ALL----670 Homeless person taken over the shelter.

THE DOOMED OF AMERIKKA---7701 Priority! Mental breakdown in the middle of the intersection.

JUST DRIVE AND HE IS---667 DONOTBOARD he’s already on the bus.

AND IT TURNED OUT IT WAS NO PROBLEM---667 The passenger wasn’t a problem & got off at Stark.

5767 Busted shelter glass

1502 Customer tripped over the ramp & fell.

602 Guy fell with his bike. He was at the corner of the bus. No medical .

602 Exposed electrical box in the ground.

DRIVE AND HE'S DOING THAT-7670 Very loud radio on his phone.

WHY IS THERE NO 24 HOUR SECURITY AT GATEWAY---2434 Call 9-11 at Gateway. Someone collapsed.

HIS EYES ARE WATERING-HE WANTS HIM THROWN IN THE DITCH-669 Loud&Verbal Aggressive Biohazard He’s in rough shape.

7511 Bus stop pole is missing.

DOG PUKED BUT HE CLEANED IT UP--JUST DRIVE---2070 Biohazard Bring out the dog

244 Priority! Witnessed a HIT+RUN

261 Issues at the max platform.

HAHAHAHA---THEY'LL GET RIGHT ON IT---1534 Bus stop is toxic waste dump

OH YES ITS THE DRAMA QUEEN---3501 Customer Conduct KTA Bring out the dog

2070 No disinfectant available

5767 2 more busted shelter glass

7337 Altercation & teenage girl kicked in the stomach.

2074 Damn Doors

2070 Electric Bus Blues

7135 Teenagers smoking on the bus


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