Friday, May 25, 2012

Michael Conner comments

Does anyone else wonder how poorly did the Human resources job interviewer do their job that hired Ron Heintzman at the MV property that their campaign is claiming as Rons ATU employer. I can imagine the interview in my Mind.

HR INTERVIEWER: Mr Heintzman you seem to have not have put anything on your job application about past work history what have you been doing for work for the past twenty five years.

RON: Well I have been employed as a union organizer and past president of a International union. My duties are to fight hard to keep companies like yours from being able to set up shop.

HR INTERVIEWER: Now Mr.Heitzman it appears that you don't have a CDL as you do not appear to have ever driven a bus, since the job begins almost immediately as it appears you would like us to expedite your application because you seem to have an urgent need to establish your employment can you obtain one.

RON: Well only if it will take me less than a month and a half as I am attempting to get a job as union president of the local that represents your business. Also I was wondering if I can immediately after being hired take a couple of weeks of vacation so I can campaign to get the job. If you can't I will probably make it the first grievance that I file, also we will make sure on the next contract I negotiate that new hires are immediately able to take use vacation.

HR INTERVIEWER: Mr Heintzman it appears that your past experience indicates that your main duties were generally office driven, do you have any special accommadations the company will need to make to outfit you with safety attire and equipment to be able to do back breaking labor, protect from diesel exposure and clean up ...puke and other bodily fluids

RON: No issues at all, I have waited my entire career for the opportunity to clean up puke and get splashed with diesel fuel. My days of travel, dining in the finest restaurants and hob knobbing with the leaders of the free world cannot even compare.

Interviewer: Mr Heintzman you are exactly the candidate we are looking for you can start immediately.

While that interview is fictional it does make you wonder why an essentially unemployable former international union president was snapped up by a company whose major mission is the exact opposite of supporting the labor movement. Sure makes you wonder whats up.

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Anonymous said...

And what is up with Mr. Conner now deciding to run for Union VP?

Mr. Conner, isn't it true that your overtime has been cut by the recent MOW management decisions that you have been so vocally against and do you not find yourself on night shift now due to your department seniority?

Mr. Conner, how are you personal finances and when was the last time you filed for bankruptcy?

Mr. Conner what was your mark-off time as past E-board officer years ago and do you feel that amount was of real benefit to the union?

Mr. Conner, how is your work relationship with your co-workers in MOW?

Mr. Conner, wouln't the job of Union VP be a big increase in take home pay for you, get you off night shift and put you into an office job with status beyond a lowly signal tech for the last years before retirement?

Mr. Conner, isn't your reason for running for Union VP for your own parsonal benefit first and to work for the benefit of the union employees second?

Mr. Conner needs to own up to the members of this union!