Sunday, May 27, 2012

ATU Constitution and General laws section 14.3 (Members Disqualified from Holding Office)

14.3 Members Disqualified from Holding Office.

Members who have voluntarily left the service in which the membership of the L.U. is engaged, or who have retired on pension or who have been discharged for cause found by the L.U. to be proper, are not eligible to run for any office in the local. No member who is disqualified from holding office under the provisions of Section 504 of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 shall be eligible for holding office in this Union. Pensioners shall not be eligible to be candidates for or hold office in the L.U. except that members who retire on pension during their term of office may complete the term. Any member who has actually quit the service of an employing company to engage in any other business except for this I.U. shall not be eligible to be elected to office in a L.U. and one who is holding office in his or her L.U. at the time the member so quits the service of an employing company may no longer hold office and must resign. Where a member’s discharge case has been sustained under either the procedure set out in the labor contract for the adjudication of such grievances or in any other adjudicatory forum, the member may no longer hold office and must resign.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean, NO Heintzman, with scandelous baggage, no transperentcy, 50.00 per hour getting from "us" (without concent), negociating contracts when the incumbent is supposed to do that, embezzlement ritten, compromiser and non-fighter, paycheck hoarder,and non acountable to any but "his" close group......then so be it, good ridance.