Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memories of an ex bus driver

One of the more interesting events on my bus was when I was driving the 8.
I was at the hospital heading back and a man got on the bus in a hospital gown and he had blood dried up on his arms.
He obviously had just escaped from the hospital.
He got on and sat down, of course no fare was paid.
I didn't say a thing. I just let him ride, I never removed a passenger over fare or got into a dispute with a passenger over fare.
I took him where he wanted to go which was somewhere off 15th Avenue.
He never said a word to me, coming or going.
I can still see the man like it was yesterday.


Anonymous said...

You don't think you should have called that in? They send out messages looking for those people

Al M said...

Nope, not my business.

Anonymous said...

This is an everyday event driving a bus. I had to re-read it to see the story.