Wednesday, May 30, 2012


YouTube, which is always VERY RISKY TO USE, and I know that from experience, has cancelled my dispatch library account. Hopefully the people that were enjoying it enjoyed it while it lasted.
I'm almost 100% sure that it was Trimet that got this action to happen, using "trademark infringement" as the issue, even though it was clearly stated in the title of the site that it was the unofficial call center site.  The people that were interested in the  material had already heard it anyway, so its not big deal in reality.
I listen to things once only myself.

I'll come up with something else, in the meantime you can still enjoy dispatch calls live:

Song for Trimet management


Al M said...

At almost the exact moment that my dispatch library got pulled Trimet MAX went down.

Funny huh?

Steve Fung said...

Al,that is unfortunate.I enjoyed listening to the calls because it reinforced to me that I am not the only driver out there experiencing problems with passengers,equipment or traffic.In fact,the calls on youtube dispatch help me cope with the heavy loads that we face every day.

Al M said...

Don't worry Steve-we'll keep going, there is always new material!

Anonymous said...

The extent of effort in which TriMet tries to keep secretive and absolute control is shocking given this is a public agency.

Find a way around their illegal roadblocks. You will.

Erik H. said...

I'd like to know exactly how TriMet could have requested those files be pulled and under what authority.

If TriMet claims the authority to remove public information posted on a website just by request, then what else can be removed on a whim?

TriMet owns no "copyright" to activities on publicly regulated radio frequencies. Federal law is clear. If TriMet wants to argue that you're illegally retransmitting such broadcasts, then explain the hundreds of air traffic control recordings on YouTube, or the various other recordings off the police scanner...why is YouTube being selective just because TriMet wants it pulled.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree more w/Erik H. Demand accountability..where and who has the "authority" to stop the. TriMe power tactics? Kitzhaber.

Form the alliance PUBLICLY, ATU needs to step in, get an audience with the Governor and get it done.

Al M said...

I was using their logo on those calls, YOUTUBE, which is widely known for their unjust and inconsistent enforcement policies, gives no right of appeal.

So that's that, YouTube is basically a fascist organization and everybody that loads videos to their site takes that risk, they can take your stuff away without notice whenever they feel like it.

I left myself open by using the Trimet Logo, so they attacked, which is what they do, I have long experience with Trimet.

They don't want anybody to see the ugly side of the agency, so they do whatever they can to stop people like me from showing it.

But they should know me by now, I'll just come up with something else.