Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rider falls onto operator

Real Trimet supervisory reports:
 Operator stated that the passenger boarded at 15th and Fremont going south, passenger chose not to sit down and was standing. As the bus pulled away from the service stop the passenger lost her balance and fell into the stanchion bar and fell on  an off duty bus operator. Operator said he and others asked if she was okay and she repeatedly stated she was fine, However as the bus pulled into 5th and Davis NW. passenger started complaining of pain in her left shoulder and arm was tingling, at that point dispatch was notified and medical was called. Passenger was transported by AMR 335 to good samaritan.
passenger name

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Anonymous said...

But what's important is we're gettting a new Milwaukee Max, a new Transit only bridge, and no money to operate any of it. That being said, the lady and any body who uses any form of wheeled transportation need to take responsiability for thier own actions and be quiet and hold on. most likely were going to announce that the bus is moving it recommended that you hold on. Too bad our recorded announcements could say this 10k times every trip.