Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tri-Met, a voice from the ranks.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting idea from this TriMet Retiree. Although, I disagree with ATU concessions beyond what they have already presented.

TriMet broke the law. TriMet bargained in bad faith, violating the very principles negoiations were founded upon.

TriMet disregarded a labor agreement and imposed unexpected costs to it's represented workforce..a workforce that is the core and most important component of any's people. Mechanics, Operators, Cleaners, MOW, Dispatcher/Controllers, Trainers, Customer Service.

TriMet degraded the bus system and equipment. TriMet managers stood under a clean white tent clapping for Rogoff and Mary Fetsch "orchestrating" the party while Operator Steve Fung cleans the interior of his own bus everyday and a bus customer waits on the street for a bus that may not show up.

Something is amiss with TriMet Managers: integrity, respect, and honesty.