Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We need this sort of investigation on Trimet

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Anonymous said...

ATU is capable, and should, publicly support a like investigation of TriMet.

The budget proposal submiited by OPAL contained thoughtful and highly accurate numbers. Yet, TriMet quickly dismantled their proposal with a slick Power Point slideshow and the Board layed low.

Charles accuratley exposed TriMet management acting intenteionally to not fund the penison fund resulting in a devasting liabilty to the entire agency. Yet, the media has not pressed forward. much does Kithzhaber know? What is the Board revealing to him? Why did Lerbach exit?

ATU is a powerful voice and it's members are the boots on the ground. Organize for accountabilty and transparancy, stop traffic, appeal publicly to have an audience with Governor Kitzhaber. Tell the story:
- the new director positions hired in 2011-what is the total cost?
-- the safety "committees" -what is the measurment?

-- actual on-time performance and reliabilty (no missed trips) by the bus system.

-- bus equipment reliabilty--number of mech breakdowns/road calls monthly in 2011.

-- ADA compliance--average customer wait for a scheduled lift trip.

-- Frequency of Transit Police and TM supervisors parking their patrol cars (TM pays for all those cars) and riding the Transit System? Bus, Rail, or both?

-- cost of unscheduled OT due to shortage of operators?

Remember--there is still no shelter on SW Barbur @ Burlingame; Operator Fung cleans his own bus while Mary, Neil and group clap hands under a white tent, and people stuggle everyday to ride their transit system to their jobs, travel with their children, groceries in hand, to get home, get to work, and just stay connnected within their lives.

Often..the bus or operator is the glue that holds their life together.