Monday, May 28, 2012

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Real Trimet supervisory reports

I was working the intersection of Ceasar Chavez & Hawthorne bump thru north & south on Ceasar for line 75 w/Police.  I had two police officers and two Wackenhut personnel to assist.

I had 10 minute delays to start but it got worse once the runners were non-stop and no gaps.  Eventually unit 9922 Kelley was able to get a directive to the police at my intersection to stop runners so I could bump the buses through because the delays were growing to 16 minutes and even longer for southbound which I will explain the southbound problem in a bit. 

The people/runners were highly upset and some folks refused to listen to police directive and even crossed while vehicles were being bumped.  Some would not stop because it was a timed event.  One lady jerked her arm away from the officer when he tried to hold her back for her safety.

Part of why I was able to get the buses bumped in a timely matter is for the simple fact I would get regular auto traffic turned around to go a different route to where they needed to go so I could get my line 75 bus up to the front of the intersection ready to go with minimal delays when we do hold runners at the intersection.

OK while I had some delays on the northbound traffic….I had excessive delays on the southbound direction of line 75.  I found out thru Supervisor Thompson at intersection of Ceasar & Burnside they were not stopping runners and bumping line 75 through…thus line 75 south was held up at that intersection for some time.  The following is an example of the worst three bumper to bumper and followers of each other until the problem was resolved:  line 7505 scheduled 9:09am – 52 minutes late (filled with extra service), line 7507 the follower scheduled 9:31am – 30 minutes late, 7501 follower of 7507 scheduled 9:51 am – 11 minutes late.  I called Dispatch and Kelley was able to get Police Officers at Burnside & Ceasar to help Phil Thompson get his intersection bumped then after that the buses going southbound to my location improved greatly and back to minimal delays.

I also had an extra service bus do a sweep fill from my location to 21st and Jackson because of the significant southbound delays.

Other than what has mentioned above…the Hawthorne street at my corner for line 14 seem to go well.  Eastbound rerouted and westbound regular without any problems for me.  Signage was good on the closures as well.

I did have Dispatch BDS line 75 to tell their customers they can connect with the outbound line 14 at Division line 4 bus stops and not at Ceasar & Hawthorne due to the run event.  It went perfect all day.

That’s all Folks!

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