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I tell my pals that Bobble head Ellen is really not worth  anybody getting worked up about. She's well known for making personal attacks on MEN she doesn't like.

Every dispute she has had at Trimet, (and there are many) have been primarily with men.

I don't know this as fact but from what I understand, the reason she got her job back at Trimet after being fired was because the HR department accused her of being a 'man hater' and in this insane country of 'policitcal correctness' you can't say things like that. Hence she got her job back at Trimess.

Lets take a   closer look at her recent attempt at comedy:

Historically, HR-202 was created to stop Margulies 
True: As far as I know I have been the only person to be charged with this violation, which was created specifically for me. Although there are numerous violations by other people, (ellen included) nobody other than myself has ever been charged with violating this rule. 

It's well known to people that work there that the organization functions on the crony model.
Rules get enforced against people the management doesn't like for one reason or another and they get swept under the rug if the management does like you.


FALSE: the rules as applied to me were about posting ANY pictures of customers or employees without permission. It didn't matter where the pictures, videos etc appeared.

The internet is the internet is the internet.

I happen to agree with her there, but I was threatened with termination for doing exactly what she is doing. Trimet functions on the crony model as I said.

Couple 'a years ago, Al put out an insane number of videos about me trying to dispute my claims of Cyber Harassment / WorkPlace Bullying by using abusive tactics such as extreme name calling / brainwashing.

Freaking hilarious. Ellen has actually stated on that phony blog of hers stating  that I was 'stalking her' as in "I am afraid to go home at night because he might be hiding in the bushes" She has consistently lied about my intentions. Ellen lost a court case against me so in the spirit of sore loser she started that blog, the link to her blog says it all.


There ya go, she's a bitch making up lies.  She is a man hater, its clear for all to see.

The irony in this never ending deal between me and Ellen is that the audio that I posted about her that created her obsession with me was all about Trimet Dirty Tricks. In the end it was those dirty tricks that ended up making me leave well before I would have otherwise.
She was right about Trimet dirty tricks.
Too bad her obsession gets in her way, preventing her from being an effective voice for operators. It's all about Ellen in Ellen's mind. 


Ellen Fox  and I had been casual friends for over ten years.
On several occasions in past volumes of my Rantings blog I gave her support in other disputes she was having with other people.

Our friendship ended after we had a telephone conversation where she advised me about “Trimet’s dirty tricks” and how they went about “setting up” operators they wanted to get rid of.

At that time it was my standard procedure to tape record all telephone calls. I had taped several conversations with various Trimet management officials and placed them on my blog with no voice distortion. Although several managers were offended by that they were apparently informed by Trimet legal that I was not in violation of any laws.

The conversation I had with Ellen was so intriguing, so beyond what I thought possible of Trimet management, that I placed it on my blog, using my advanced voice distortion software so as to protect Ellen’s identity.
The next day she contacted me in a rage. I took the whole thing down immediately per her request and thought that would be the end of it. Fat chance, I had no idea at that time what type of personality I was dealing with. She stated that even with voice distortion they would know it was her, apparently she was the only person alive that would have that information so it would be traced back to her resulting in retaliation. The whole event had very limited exposure since it was up only one day and the blog was relatively unknown except for a handful of transit bloggers.

That was the end of our friendship, and we never had another personal conversation again. If she had let go of the situation nobody would have ever known about it, but that is not MS F*** style. I became her personal enemy and she has been engaging in a smear campaign against me since.

As she would smear me around the internet I would defend myself of her, sometimes using small pieces of the original conversation. She then got a lawyer who persuaded me to remove all content related to her, I agreed with the following provision, she never mention me again on the internet.

Later in the year there was a controversy at the Powell garage. Attending my very first union meeting I was given a copy of the petition, to my shock and surprise my name was prominently displayed as party to the charges against another. Ellen had listed me as a protagonist in the whole situation. To make long story short things got nasty and finally that whole situation ended, unfavorable for Ellen F**.

She then decided that she would sue me over the original taping. She wanted $7500. The judge saw no damages other than she was upset and awarded her $100. Unable to accept the judge’s ruling she tried again, this time the case was heard at the PEOPLES COURT, where the full judgment was for the defendant (me).

Unable to accept that ruling either Ellen F** has continued to engage in a libelous smear campaign against me.

She maintains a "smear blog" which is all about me and how evil I am.

Most of my confidants advise me to ignore her, as with Marcus Griffith, however one tires of being accused of stalking and menacing for no reason other than revenge.

This is a vicious woman who from my point of view is mentally unstable.

Now you know my side of the story.

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