Saturday, January 26, 2013

Neils Bullshit

Yesterday morning, our Board of Directors(sock puppets) voted in favor of health(tyrants)—for our workforce, our visitors and our families – and set on the course to becoming a smoke-free workplace. (F-U!)The implementation date is July 1, but the work has already begun—and it won’t end on July 2.

I know that tobacco addiction is tough to overcome. I also know that most smokers want to quit. If that describes you—or someone in your household—I want to personally encourage you. I hope you’ll take advantage of the kind of help that works for you, whether formal (from Kaiser, Regence or Cascade Centers) or informal (from coworkers who care!). We'll make sure these resources are up front and center and easy to access over the next few months.

A new medical report out just yesterday shows that the health effects of smoking are worse than previously thought, but the benefits of quitting are more than previously thought.

Offering a smoke-free environment is an important step toward a healthier workplace. Getting there won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding.

To your health!


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