Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Trimet turned Rose Quarter into some kind of fare sting operation for the Blazer game. Barricades and everything(Had my fare, but still.)

Hey ! Should two 12 buses run bumper to bumper? I thought ending 12 svc @ tigard TC supposed to solve poor performance...guess not

the insane ramblings randos shout at the driver for the entirety of their trip.

Thanks to the delay now we are stuck behind a MAX train losing more time. Great way to discourage bus ridership!!

Why does it take four minutes for 54 from 3rd/Harrison to 6th/Harrison? Then we lose more time turning onto 6th?

I love MAX, but for the 2nd time in as many trips I missed a train right in front of me due to broken/slow ticket machines.

Seriously. Two minutes early. Now I'll be late to work. Fuck you Trimet. Seriously, fuck you.

cont further, youve yet to do A damn thing about any of the bias incidents ive reported. Why should i waste my 3 min of auditory ..

you know damn well i am disabled in a way that means i cant do phone. Give me another option.

why is it so hard to get North/South on the east side via .. N Mississippi to 18th/Burnside is a 45min trip via downtown. Sad.

It's cool 70. Come 4 minutes early and make me late for class.

driver seriously acting as tour guide up and down Powell this morning. Line 9 buss 2837

driver says he'll take full responsibility but none of the blame for traffic jam

The guy sitting next to me on the bus is FaceTiming with his dad.

I want to steal the shoes from this broad that won't keep her fucking fungus farms in them.

Fifteen minutes late, seriously, screw you Trimet.

Fuck Trimet! Get your god damn arrival times straight you whore -_-

This driver is so late that the entire bus has now missed connections. 31L? Gone. MAX Green Line? Gone. Some angry people in here.

well, that driver was driving like he was 20 minutes late and trying to make up his break.

+1RT "See Something, Say Something" I see like five something's everyday on . Slogan needs some clarifying statements.

Dear lady on the : Did you pay for an extra tix for your backpack? Didn't think so.

As annoying as it is Trimet makes my life possible so shout out to PDX public transit
Hey - reader board at 6 & Main is not working again, completely out now

you would go out of business in NYC. Get sick passenger off of train and keep it moving. You need a new staff pronto. 

here, I'll do your job for you: westbound commuters: med emerg at Beav TC. Delays expected forever.

another day, another delay. How long have you been dong this? Get your shit together or hire people than can.

Few things worse than driving behind a bio-diesel-powered short bus that you can't pass.


You can find love on trimet guys, ask this lady right now

Smells like weed on the Trimet 😚💨🍃

I AM the jerk that talks on my phone on the bus. And I'm taking up two seats fuck everyone

Damn it Trimet! You screwed me over once again! 😡

//Should be "Smell Someone Tell Someone."

to coo into your cell at your niece so loud? On ?

Its January 29. Thanks for the worthless PSA, especially since very few buses run after midnight on New Years
Seriously. Two minutes early. Now I'll be late to work. Fuck you Trimet. Seriously, fuck you.


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