Saturday, January 26, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
The ticket printed and I rushed towards the front car to hang my bike, but the driver closed the doors and pulled away.

validator 049 is out of service (Lloyd Center EB) 

This red line train is announcing Parkrose TC while passing I-205/I-84 EB exit. Cars 323/324 

I hate taking the bus.... (@ TriMet Gresham Central Transit Center)

Jamie's Trimet Adventures # 438: As I sat down on bus 20, I told the girl sitting next to me that she smelled...

Oh what a surprise! The eastbound 14 is late/missing AGAIN.  

How about: “The simplest route will add 20 minutes to a trimet trip that’s already over an hour.” 

MAX car 213B's stop display is acting up...  

Oye. Bus 3049 has some really squeaky brakes!  

These 3000s feel like they have no shock absorbtion! So jolting. Reminds me of some of the 1600s, actually. bump, bump, bump....  

Trimet inspectors are dicks

why dont any of the stops along the 44 to pcc have id numbers? 

On the plus side, I now know the computer on a TriMet bus has 32k of RAM and it's OK. 
one of the ticket machines is not working at quatama max station this morning. 

Cut routes and raised prices. Now there's no room to breathe & "drop off only" from being over capacity.  

displays not working at gateway 

both Clackamas Town Center Max Ticket Machines are not working. Daily thing now? 

, folks Clackamas TC machines still not taking CC this morning. Just be aware and get your tickets at your stop.Be fair,be honest:-) 

I will file a formal complaint today, even tho I'm sure is just like -Tran & won't really do anything about it.  

This bus smells like an armpit donut.  

In the dumb fuck bus drivers defense it is hard to see people waiting for bus when you're driving 5-10mph over speed limit.  

Perhaps that 77 driver needs to be trained on the most fundamental duty of driving a bus-stopping the bus & picking up people! 

Re 77 bus-the f*cking bus was on time so she wasn't trying to catch up. 

Thanks 2 driver of 77 who just passed me I now have to walk a mile to Gateway @ 6:30am by myself.  

Buses on route 19 running 40 + minutes late today.  

The information sign at 6500 sw bh hwy (id#383) says it is "8500 sw bh hwy". This is obviously wrong. 

Apparently the 50's-era train broke down on the tracks this morning.  

Should've had WES ops make an announcement in Tigard. We all could've caught a 76 to Tualatin and not have had to go back to BTC. 

Bus 2242 77 Broadway westbound lady driver just passes me! Was @ stop 10 minutes early so I wouldn't miss bus!  

I love when jack picks me up on the trimet bus and reroutes to drop me off right in front of my house! Yup  

Work was amazing as usual. Fuck trimet though 🚌💨🔫 

People who put their feet up and take up two seats on the light rail during rush hour can just die.  

just got accosted by some guy in trimet uniform demanding me 2 show him 'my ticket'. don't know what he was talking about, i told him 'no.' 

Is not accountable to anyone? By their own admission you can’t even sit in some seats comfortably.

line 19 bus 2279 u should see these rejectTArds surrounding me w/ their electronic devices funny cascadia running wild.

So glad the lady on the got off! Lets just say she would make for the horrible singer clips!

Some kind of acceleration problem. Very jerky. Blue line to Willow Creek. I know it's 223 feet to XP 17 WB in the Robertson Tunnel.

": Sorry, but bikes are allowed on MAX only if there is room." Hmm I understand but we need to make this useable for all

I have waited 6 trains. Most ppl that board don't sit taking up bike rack space. It says please allow cyclists to hang bikes.

It takes an hour to get from downtown PDX to Hillsboro on Blue Line

Trimet should train their bus drivers to be more polite

Public transportation is just entertaining. Just watched a 30 year old man get real intimate with a 80 year old lady

Fucking makes me want to punch puppies sometimes.

Did you discontinue the 4 Division bus and not tell anyone?! I've seen four 14s, 2 10s & 2 6s but no 4s!

Better yet, how about more blue line trains, since most are packed to the gills?

Thanks, , for missing me in a bus shelter and making me miss the UP basketball game. (At Williams and Broadway, bus 44.)

. Maybe if your drivers didn't work 22 out of every 24 hours, they would have been alert enough to see me waiting (in a light shirt).

. Don't mind me, I'm going to walk home in the rain now, basketball-less on my one night off this week.

you never did answer me about hatespeech. Revelant bc i hear a lot of ableist slurs on thebus (cont)

& have been called homophobic slurs for speaking out. Do you not care bc i'm disabled or bc i'm a woman? Your ableism record b ...

and if we don't have cash make sure your inspectors aren't assholes and give out tickets

Just saw my first bus buttcrack. Good morning!

tell train drivers 2 stop lying! "There's a train right behind" is not = 'it will take 10 min to move this 1 & next 1 is another 15'

a sloth? Wait, no, a honey badger. Because TriMet don't care.

S/O to trimet for writing me my very first ticket ever!!! 175 dollars! you go trimet!

2 carts and 1 stroller on my line 21, while the bus driver doesn't know how to operate a 3000 bus. supposed to leave 3 min ago.

in the time I've waited for one line 21, I've seen two line 12's, four line 71's (two each way) and zero 21's. MAJOR PROBLEM.

Empty 19 smells like an ashtray mid-route. Did the driver steal a smoke while driving?

checked the tracker at 4:05, two blocks from my stop. I looked up and could see the train coming. it was gone by the time I made it.

by the train leaving early before it's scheduled time and me missing the max, I missed my connection to the WES.

what is the point of having a schedule if drivers can be early and leave stops when want?

max is to arrive at stop at 4:08. why is it early and gone by the time I get to the stop at 4:07?

if it's early, I miss my connection. I can understand if there is a mechanical issue or something causing the train to be late ....

but if the train is early, the driver should have the responsibility to get back on schedule. it's called customer service.

tell the drivers to take it easy on the accelerator.

Avoiding MAX altogether. 58 to BTC, bike home! (I'll do rain but not ice.)

Blue line MAX is packed. People must have heard I was tweeting again and wanted to ride with me!

max is to arrive at stop at 4:08. why is it early and gone by the time I get to the stop at 4:07?

. bus 4870 operator not wearing a seatbelt! Safety hazard!

line 4870 operator was supposed to leave at 3:57pm and just showed up at 3:59pm

#8 change is obnoxious AND at night the last stop at the Park is VERY poorly lit. Boo on for this, for so many reasons.

tell the drivers to take it easy on the accelerator.

I forgot how much the systems smells so damn bad! (at Educational Policy Improvement Center) —

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