Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Cut routes and raised prices. Now there's no room to breathe & "drop off only" from being over capacity.

It has now been over a month since since this display has changed. Nice.

Oh, you're sitting at the back of a crowded bus and you want to get out at the front? Yeah that makes total sense.

"Days that end w/ 'y'" is the usual reason but today ticket machines are hobbled due to maintenance.

you let this guy camp out but get all worked up with me and a camera?

Hey , your ticket machine at Old Town eastbound needs some tech support

what a surprise. Its 2013 no one carries cash. How about some free rides for your inefficiency?

trimet will have you stuck.

Man trimet will have you feelin depressed and shit.

it takes two hours to get to Oak Amusement Park from downtown via

Trimet don't stop for no one

Waiting on the 20 during its layover at BTC and the interior lights randomly turn themselves off. Kinda funny.

I fucking hate trimet

Thanks another lie to cover not continuing the full blue route. Now a 1/2 hr wait to get to Hillsboro.

Trimet turned Rose Quarter into some kind of fare sting operation for the Blazer game. Barricades and everything(Had my fare, but still.)

Damn some1 on this bus reeks of really cheap booze.

"you're 10cents short, ugh that's right stay in school." bus driver you hilarious!

goon squad is out tonight. Such over-the-top bullshit.

Riding one of the new trimet buses. Frankly, they are uglier and less comfortable on the inside

Watched a man complain because the driver wouldn't let him off until he got to the stop.

The right machine at sunset tc is broken again. It should really just be replaced.

I am too hung over to deal with methed-out domestic abuse couple arguing about who drank who's beer.

Listening to tweakers talk about nothing on the train, is a great way to start the day.

I woke up late, now I have to take trimet

another day, another late bus. #4 service is still garbage in the morning.

Odd that only the buses with the new radios are showing on the interactive system map...

People of ! "Move to the back of the bus" means "MOVE ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE BUS"!

Nothing lovelier than when a scheduled bus never shows up. Almost makes me want to drive.

Female buttcrack line 88. What a way to start the day . . .

"I need this space for my stroller" Woman on trimet taking up disabled seating.

In the summer you ain't gonna see us on the trimet bus no more, we gonna be in Lamborghini's

HAHAHAHAHAHA Mexican would come in the Trimet bus with an 18 Budwiser lol

Tell the 12:05 number 12 bus THANKS for driving past me like I'm invisible. Glad I pay $100/month for this service. 

Why did the max driver just get all up on the PA like an airplane pilot?

Bus showed up right in front of next scheduled bus.

Hey , is the 70 actually running, or do you just leave it on the schedules to mess with people?

If the driver of bus 2268 on the 20 route cannot — by her own admission — read a bus pass, should she be allowed to drive a bus?

Grandma's on with earplugs and a notepad, ignoring people

Happy Monday, Adri! RT Line 51 Riders: The last trip up Council Crest has been cancelled due to a broken bus!

and willow creek bound. Great. Get your shit together. We pay too much for this level of service . metsucks

had to let 3 trans go by so far at sw 10th ave. Too packed to get on. So glad it's raining and I left work at 5.

those 14/1600s are approaching 23 years old. Trimet got them in 1990/91

With harsh new LED streetlights & blah new bus interiors, Portland's achieving New-Jersey-quality public infrastructure design

You need more West bound trains for the PM commute. We pay too much for the current state of trimet service. It's called RUSH HOUR.

I can finally live tweet my crappy trimet adventures.

Getting my wallet from Trimet was inconvenient. And though I probably shouldn't have hoped, of course the cash was gone.

Portland's new buses w high windows & blah interiors make me feel like I'm back in grade school.

Bus 1627 on tr 66/05 today. It takes one trip, but still...

54 passed me by on Barbur thinking I was getting on the 56 in front of it. Super frustrating. Does this happen often?

Oh the 20. You are so fucking trashy. 

P.S. there are now two people smoking under the stop #7612 shelter ignoring requests not to.

Ed Hurtley ‏@ehurtley
Aaaand, @trimet #1 @ stop 7612 (supposedly at 3:49) is suffering from "creeping lateness" - listed on-time at 3:45, still "4min away"

Hey, it would be nice if there was some incentive for drivers to be less than 20 minutes late… (Or maint to keep the buses working.)

Haven't had an on-time bus in at least my last 10 afternoon rides. AM has been fine, but PM atrocious. 

Violin player at a#max stop. Nice change from this kids annoying rap music leaking from his cheap earbuds.

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