Thursday, January 31, 2013


He's only using the Trimet bus for lunch but his tweets are just as colorful

Old crappy bus meets new but not hybrid bus.

Well look at this. I ride for lunch and the 12 is a NO-SHOW meaning I'll be 20 minutes late for lunch. Thanks!

But of course can post tweets about missing vehicles but bus riders get screwed by missing trips. Had I known.....

since YOUR bus failed to show up on time how can you reimburse me and my employer for MY lost time due to YOUR failure?

And there goes the bus further proof screwed up with its unreliable bus fleet

Portland wants YouthPass...shouldn't I get to ride this bus because failed me today?

Gee, now my bus is SIX minutes off schedule. Why did I think TriMet would work...DUMBEST DECISION EVER!

Its 1:00 PM. I'm supposed to be at work, and the bus that I had to wait 19 minutes for is also late.

Youd think with high tech radio and AVL/CAD system, PLUS shortlining the 12 @ Tigard and Parkrose, the 12 should be 100% reliable...

Maybe needed to listen to me...and STOP THE DAMN 12 INTERLINE THROUGH DOWNTOWN! The buses are still late & there is no $$$ savings

oh because I love it how TriMet screws with me??? I sure ill get a canned "im sorry to hear" response. If that

Hey, Ima bus and my riders are late and im 4 minutes off schedule, so let's drive 7 MPH under the speed limit! 

At least this 2246 is ONLY 13 years old. In other words, MOST transit agencies would replace it...Id expect this bus to run trippers

Oh and 2246 ASA and stop announcement sign isn't working and your operator isnt calling out stops...but those are least of MY issues

believe me, im beating myself up over this.


Max said...

I thought Erik testified that he was done riding TriMet (and thus we wouldn't have to listen to this crap anymore).

... well guess he was wrong about that too!

Al M said...

I love your crap

Erik H. said...

Max - nobody is sticking a gun to your head and making you listen to what you call crap. Don't like it, don't read it. Stop being a whiny little crybaby.

Max said...

You can call me names if you like, but the fact is you said you were done, and here you are again!

Max said...

... and might I point out that you're complaining about the busses that you've been begging for! Are you sure I'm the cry baby?

Cameron Johnson said...

Some things never change. Superiorist name calling overshadows any good points made by going back on your word and complaining about it.