Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
//Should be "Smell Someone Tell Someone."

Having it broken for over two months now is pretty bad.

I really fucking hate trimet for their crazy shit. Overworking drivers, raising fees & while cutting services? FUCK YOU TRIMET.

Just got a ticket & the trimet cop put me down as a white female, 5'4", 120lbs...WHAT THE ENTIRE FUCK?

Everyone on the streetcar looks stoned.

equal opportunity. Trimet doesn't give a shit about ANYONE

": supervisor finds used medical toilet in shelter at NE Broadway and 37th" We've been upgrading our facilities!

Wow. Trimet bus driver in confrontation with guy in a wheelchair. WC guy tried to catch the bus, ended up stopping it. Driver is furious.

Bus is supposed to come in 10 minutes. Tracker says 35. Hahahahahahaha, good one

I know I tweet a lot about but there's so much to say! Such as, there's no need to shout your entire conversation on the bus.

Serious question, ; CL streetcar seems to have no speed limit on Broadway Bridge; MAX trains slow to a crawl on the Steel. Reason?

Validator at Northbound Oak & 1st MAX stop not working for last 2 nights. Thanks!

I mean how can some1 be so shit all stupid to ride max 5 days a wk & not realize btwn RQ & Gateway-green/red/blue share?

Another max favorite of mine are folks who only need to go as far east as Gateway & they'll let a perfectly good green line pass.

Hey Portland! It's 5pm! Expect delays westbound, as per usual.

two fare inspectors on one max trip! wow! this one is employed by , though

Both Clackamas Town Center Machines are inoperable. I just saw a trimet maintenance truck drive away too???

I shouldn't have to put myself a train behind because Trimet can't keep their machines in good working order. SMH

don't worry it's not like trimet believes in waiting at time points or anything, either.

since when are cops checking fares on the max? I thought was paying for fare inspectors

122nd ticket validator down again and wouldn't take my cash or card..had to mad dash to the validator at the next stop.

Dear Trimet, Stop telling me that the bus is going to be at the stop later than it arrives.. -Sincerely, I fucking hate you...

and bus 1430 that leaks exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment? Does maintenance know about that???

I know glaring at the time board doesn't make the bus get here any faster, but I'm supposed to be picking up my kid. Right Now.

Took TriMet bus #57 for 1st time today. Much friendlier riders than the #33. Amazing how bus cultures can vary.

just saw something rare - Clack Co Sheriff pulling over TriMet bus.

yo trimet is not the business

Some guy on trimet is hitting on me

every bus and train should be scrubbed down with tons of Purell

Dammit, I think I got on the Tuberculosis bus.

Another pair of tweakers on the bus #2901. Sure is fun to hear them try to make sense.

There is a Trimet bus in the middle of campus. Are you confused? This is a school, not a road.

Cutbacks on cleaning?

driver is bad mouthing the company and its orange line rail project. This is awk.

The familiar scent of people who don't shower

There should be signs on vehicles that say "In a hurry," "Likes to see disappointed faces" or "Don't get paid enough to care."

This just said 8 minutes and changed to this. Should I just assume it's messed up as always?

Awesome, just got charged $10 for two bus fares that didn't print, now I am officially broke.

Fucking TriMet is 30 minutes late. I'm going to miss my first fucking class. Fuck you TriMet.

Should be some kind of fine for farting on the MAX train.

cleaned the MAX station and now everything smells like soap and is covered in bubbles. I wonder if this is what Singapore is like...

Blue line EB at BTC. Driver asks overhead, "Is someone having a problem?" Now just sitting.

My morning starting with a minor electrical fire (just smoke) on my 99 due to water in the lights. Bodes well for the day.

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