Monday, January 28, 2013


At the start of this process we felt that none of these problems would occur if the layover
point would just be moved back to where it was at the Jubitz truck stop, a perfect location.
TriMet has explained that for financial reasons they must shorten the Line 8 route and no
longer layover at the Jubitz truck stop. They said $500,000 would be saved by changing
the route. We see that they reduced duplications in routes and that should result in longterm
savings. At the same time TriMet spent millions on new buses (at $400,000 each on
average), new buildings, contracting out lift bus repairs and overtime on drivers. In the
short term, their selective frugality at the expense of our neighborhood structure, safety,
livability and businesses is not appreciated.

Go Woodlawn! » Letter to TriMet: NE 9th and Dekum Layover Issues and Suggested Resolutions

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