Saturday, January 26, 2013

Michael Anderson the lone reporter on the wages lawsuit

Portland A-Foot's Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson, the most independent of transit reporters in PDX, is so far the only 'credentialed' news man to report the story on the wage dispute involving relief pay at Trimet.
While Joe Rose has said he will do a story about 'in the near future' the fact that he didn't write anything about it is significant.
Of course Joe reports to the Oregonian editors who are mostly cozy with the Trimet executives, Michael reports to himself.
The difference between corporate controlled media and independent media


Michael, Portland Afoot said...

Hey, I always appreciate kind words! As you know, though, it's pretty early in the lawsuit's life. I'm sure the O will cover this one if it keeps rolling.

Michael, Portland Afoot said...

P.S. No credentials here -- or for any news folks ever, hopefully! Madison forbid.

Al M said...

"Credentialed' in my use of the word is 'accepted' as a reporter, whereas I for example, am not accepted a a 'legitimate' news reporter