Saturday, January 26, 2013


New headquarters, new Max line, $10 million dollars surplus, 16k per month pensions for ex general managers, yet  ITS THE UNION CONTRACT THAT IS STRANGLING TRIMET!
Mutha F*king liars and the cabal of sock puppets that protect them

The top three floors of Center St will be empty by the end of January, in preparation for creation of our new Operations Headquarters. Administrative departments--including Payroll, HR and the rest of Finance, as well as Legal, Public Affairs, etc.--left Center Jan. 11 and moved to Harrison Square, at SW 1st and Harrison. Also on Jan. 11, Capital Projects left Holladay St and moved to Harrison Square. Other departments--mostly from Operations and IT--are leaving Center Jan. 25, mostly to temporary space at Holladay St. Most phone numbers are staying the same. Department-by-department list:

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